Adults Craft Too

People have all sorts of different hobbies. We like so many different things. Some of us like sports and many of us like crafts. Crafting is one of the most popular hobbies anywhere. Crafting is a great hobby because it …[Continue]

Stationery and Custom Cards

Make some stationary and cards for yourself. Buy some plain cards and get some blank paper. Use stamps, markers, material, cut out shapes, and anything else you want on the cards. Just use glue to hold anything down. The cards …[Continue]

Memory Book Gift

You can also make a memory book for a gift. Buy a blank scrapbook, other type you want, or make one yourself. Design the cover and the first page. Put some pictures in there and some fun memories. Leave a …[Continue]

Scrapbook Basics: What to Know

If you can take pictures with your camera then you are already on your way to creating a beautiful scrapbook. What good are pictures if you have nowhere to put them? If they just sit in a box you’re wasting …[Continue]

How to Make Your First Scrapbook

If you are new to the world of scrapbooking then figuring out what papers to use, how to cut your pictures, or finding embellishments to compliment your layout can be difficult and confusing decisions to make. And did I say …[Continue]

Gift Ideas for Scrapbookers

Scrapbooking has become one of the most popular past times in America and around the world today. With so many holidays, birthdays, and special occasions there are literally thousands of gift ideas for scrapbookers out there to choose from. It …[Continue]

Choosing the Best Paper for Your Scrapbook

There are many things to consider when you decided to get those pictures out of that old shoe box and into your very own scrapbook. With so many different techniques, designs, and elements you can add to your scrapbook pages …[Continue]

Basic Scrapbooking Tools

Every scrapbooker knows that there are some very basic scrapbooking tools you need in order to get the basic scrapbooking stuff done. If you are new to the world of scrapbooking however, you may not be as familiar with the …[Continue]

Basic Scrapbooking Techniques

Scrapbooking has become one of the most fun ways to spend your leisure time and has also become one of the most popular ways to spend time. Building scrapbooks is an easy way to keep a journal of your life, …[Continue]

Tools Every Scrapbooker Needs and Wants

There are thousands of different tools out there today for scrapbookers to choose from and use to put their own personal touch on their scrapbook page. There are basic tools that every scrapbooker can’t live without, and then there are …[Continue]

Where to Find Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Whether you are new to scrapbooking or an old seasoned veteran who has been doing it for years not there are never enough places to find ideas for your pages. It’s true, the avid scrapbooker is constantly looking for scrapbook …[Continue]

Tips on How to Crop Photos

If you are into scrapbooking at all then you know that cropping your pictures can make a huge difference on the layout of your page and what it will look like when you’re finished. Cropping refers to the different techniques …[Continue]