Sewing Projects

Bandanna Pillow

This is a fantastic craft because it does not require much. You need two bandanas, and some filling or a pillow slightly smaller than the bandanas, and some scissors. To make this craft, start by laying out the two bandanas, …[Continue]

Bandanna Beach Bag

This is a fun craft that you can use to hold your sunglasses, reading book, and sunscreen, etc. for those lazy days of summer spent at the beach. Because bandanas come in a variety of patterns and colors you can …[Continue]

Bandanna Swim Skirt

This is a fun bandana craft that requires several bandanas to make. You also need some elastic, and a sewing machine. For this craft start by cutting elastic to the size of your waist. Now, take your bandanas, maybe 5-10 …[Continue]

Bandanna Hair Bows

Who would have thought that you could use a bandana to make a great craft? The fact is, bandanas have tons of uses, and one of them is crafting. The following are three fun craft ideas that use bandanas. Hair …[Continue]

Handmade Country Dolls

Country dolls are in many cases family heirlooms. Country dolls or dolls that were made many years ago when the country was a lot younger, have a character and a history to them that many people value highly. Some country …[Continue]

Stitched Pictures

Many country crafts use a lot of calico in their designs. Calico is a type of material that is rough, porous and much like burlap in its look. Calico is especially popular for country stitchery crafts. When you hear the …[Continue]


Making mittens is easier than you may think and mittens can actually be a very attractive wall or tree decoration during Christmas time. To make a simple mitten you can use an old sweater. Cut out mitten forms from the …[Continue]

Country Puppets

When you think of the country there are a few things that come to mind. For many people, country life includes animal life. The country lifestyle is one that typically includes such things as farm animals, barns and fresh food …[Continue]

How to Make A Bean Bag

Introduction Bean bags are very popular toys and have been around for a very long time. One of the greatest things about them is that they are simple to make and can also be very durable. Bean bags can be …[Continue]

Pillow with a Pocket

1. fabric or old jean material, or even an old baby quilt or piece of clothes – – sweater, t-shirt, etc.2. back pocket from a pair of jeans3. fabric glue4. needle and thread or sewing machine5. stuffing, fiberfill, an/or old, …[Continue]

Bean Bag Frog

Another great bean bag craft that is simple to make is a frog made out of green felt. Cut the two pieces of fabric or felt to the shape you would like in the final product and start sewing them …[Continue]

Smiley Bean Bag

The possibilities for making bean bag crafts are virtually limitless and the idea is only limited by the materials used and the imagination. Here are some very easy bean bag craft ideas that will help you have a good time …[Continue]