Solar System Crafts

Planet Puzzles and Magnets

There are a number of different crafts that you can make by simply cutting out some pictures that you find in magazines or on the internet. You can make a planetary puzzle by taking a picture of something with an …[Continue]

Solar System Snacks

Snacks are always a winner when it comes to kids, so why not use snack time as an opportunity to make something neat and to learn about the solar system. Any round snacks will work for this project. You can …[Continue]

Hanging Planet Mobile

Solar system crafts are excellent ways to encourage learning while doing hands-on activities. Solar system crafts are also diverse. You do not have to be an astronaut or a rocket scientist to be able to make a model or draw …[Continue]

Two Dimensional Solar Systems

Solar system paint or chalk project Solar system projects are fun for all ages because they can be adapted to any level of education. Perhaps you have a preschooler who is learning about the planets. Using finger paints to draw …[Continue]

Glow In The Dark Solar System

Solar system crafts are fun and versatile. Solar system crafts involve activities that include painting, model making, three-dimensional art and much more. Solar system crafts are also educational. Not only are you creating something fun and spending time with your …[Continue]

Easiest Solar System Model Ever

Purchase a solar system mobile set If you are the type of person who would rather just buy a kit and put it together with your child you can do that too. You can buy solar system kits from museums, …[Continue]

Simple Telescope

Looking at the solar system is a great way to learn about it and receive inspiration for a craft idea. Every kid can make a simple telescope from a paper towel roll. To build a more sophisticated tool, add length …[Continue]

Solar System From Household Objects

Making a three dimensional solar system mobile If you have a little more confidence in your craft making abilities you may want to try making a three dimensional solar system mobile. The concepts between this one and the paper one …[Continue]

Solar System Scavenger Hunt

You can make a replica of the solar system and have a scavenger hunt at the same time. Encourage your children to search for round objects that you have in your home. They may find sports balls, circular candies or …[Continue]

Solar System Model From Your Computer And Printer

It seems like solar system projects are a mandatory assignment for most school children. Creating a solar system mobile is often the best way to illustrate the concept of multiple planets in coordinated movement in space. Whether you are helping …[Continue]

Glow In The Dark Ceiling

Glow-in-the-dark ceiling One of the neatest parts about the night sky is the fact that you can see thousands and thousands of stars glowing in it. So why not bring the wonder of the outdoors, indoors with a glow in …[Continue]

Solar System Scale

Make it to scale Make planets in the solar system craft of your choice to scale. Doing so will really show the solar system in a more accurate light. It may be easiest to make sizes relative to the size …[Continue]