Toy Projects

Bean Bag Toss


The great outdoors is a fun place to play, and provides people with hours of fun, but sometimes, the natural beauty and entertainment wears off, and you are in need of a game or two to keep things interesting. Toss …[Continue]

Shoe Box Guitar

Shoe boxPaper towel roll(optional) plastic strings 1. Cut a hole on the short side of the shoe box. make the hole a size that the paper towel roll fits in snug. 2. On the bottom of the shoe box, cut …[Continue]


To make a xylophone you will need several tall glasses or jars, some water, and a mixing spoon. To make the different notes in the xylophone, fill the glasses or jars with different amounts of water. The more water there …[Continue]

Easter Bingo

Making and then playing on your own Easter bingo board is both easy and fun. A bingo board is nothing more than a piece of paper separated into boxes and arranged in a 5X5 table. Inside of the squares you …[Continue]

Box of Love

To make a box of love all that you need is a small box (a jewelry box is usually a good size; you can usually buy these boxes from the jewelry store relatively inexpensively). Decorate your little box any way …[Continue]

Shoebox Aquarium

Shoebox Aquarium

Shoebox aquarium ( you can also make puppet theaters and other story telling designs out of this same kind of box, just choose different types of stickers) What You’ll Need: Shoebox Construction paper Scissors Fish stickers Bamboo skewers Card stock …[Continue]


Do you have tons of shoeboxes sitting around your house? Are you looking for a way to recycle your old shoeboxes? If you answered yes to those questions the good news is that there are tons of crafts that you …[Continue]

Magic Box

Magic Box

What You’ll Need: 1 large shoe box 1 small shoe box Sticky tape Ruler Scissors Marking pen PVA glue Green color sticky back plastic “Good luck” stuff Instructions for the Project: Tape the ends of the boxes closed. Cut the …[Continue]

Box Guitar

• Materials Shoe boxRubber bandsScissorsPaper towel tubePencil • Instructions Cut an oval shaped hole in the top of the shoe box Stretch a few rubber bands around the box and over the hole Put a pencil under the rubber bands …[Continue]

Trained Seal

Trained Seal

Trained seal What you will need: Seal templates (can be downloaded at Family Fun) Craft foam Pencil, scissors, and stapler 14 inch long piece of clear vinyl tubing Permanent markers Googly eyes and tacky glue 1 ½ inch diameter Styrofoam …[Continue]

Toad House

Are you looking for things to keep you busy this summer? Are you interested in trying out some fun summer crafts? The great thing is that there are plenty of summer crafts available that are rather simple and inexpensive to …[Continue]

Shoebox Crafts

Here are some other crafts that you can make using shoeboxes.• Dollhouses• Barns• Villages• Storage boxes• Feely boxes• Dioramas• Miniature floats• Puppet stand• Fire trucks and other cars or trucks• Trains The ideas that you can come up with for …[Continue]