Yarn Crafts

Yarn Bowl

2 Large containers of Elmers School GlueAs much yarn as desired (more yarn makes a sturdier bowl)1 kickball Dip each piece of string in the glue until fully coveredThen take your index finger and thumb and run them down the …[Continue]

Yarn Angels

Yarn Angels

These would look delightful decorating a small holiday tree. Keep in mind this project does require adult supervision. You will need: Flat Slotted Clothespin Two Wooden Kitchen Matches Fine white yarn Gold Paint Gold Cord Scissors Craft Knife Fine Point …[Continue]

Friendship Pen

Friendship Pen

This can be a great gift for kids to give to their friends. This craft works best for kids ages 8 and up. What You’ll need: Ball Point Pen Multi-Color Yarn Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun Pony Beads …[Continue]

Love Bug Yarn Craft

Whether you are looking for a craft to make to decorate your house, or give as a gift, there is a wide variety of holiday yarn crafts. These easy to make crafts, can be a fun addition to a holiday …[Continue]

Wrapped Bracelets

This project makes a fun party craft, or great school project. Younger kids can wrap with multi color yarn, while older kids can design their own using floss. You will need: Leather-Like Bracelets 5 Yards of Yarn, Floss or Cord …[Continue]

Mini Yarn Dolls

Girls everywhere will love making their own doll. They can then give them their own unique look, when dressing and decorating them. You will need: Ivory, Tan or Brown Yarn for Doll Yarn for Hair Embroidery Floss Lace, Scraps of …[Continue]

Woven Yarn Basket

Yarn can be a great craft medium for kids. Yarn is both affordable, and easy to find, (check out the large selection), at your local craft store. If you don’t live near a craft store, you can check with family …[Continue]

Simpler Yarn Dog

This is a great craft, for the youngest crafters who may not have the skills to complete a more complicated project. This would also work well for pre-school or elementary school project. You will need: Thick 8-ply knitting wool Paper …[Continue]

Making Yarn Dogs

There are so many different things that you can do with yarn, but one of the most fun is make a yarn dog. Whether you are looking for a party craft, or just some fun with your kids, these crafts …[Continue]

Stuffed Shaggy Dog with Yarn Hair

You don’t have to be limited to making a completely yarn dog. Yarn can be added to give your dog personality and flair. The soft body of this craft dog makes it a safer toy for a child of any …[Continue]

Yarn Puppy

Part of the fun of making yarn crafts, is the creativity you can use. While there are several types of yarn crafts, one of the most fun is making yarn dogs. Best of all the projects are easy to do, …[Continue]


Yarn,Fake diamonds,Hot glue gun,Google eyes Cut 55 pices of yarn into the same lengthCut 10 little pieces of yarnRoll up some yarn to make a brainTie the 55 pieces of yarn together and put the brain in, then tie the …[Continue]