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Leroy F. Jackson

Slippery Slim

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Slippery Slim, a garter snake, Leaned against a garden rake And smiled a sentimental smile At Tilly Toad, on the gravel pile, Till that bashful miss was forced to hop And hide her face in a carrot-top. Leroy F. Jackson

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A Race, A Race To Moscow

A race, a race to Moscow, Before the close of day! A race, a race to Moscow, A long, long way! First comes a butterfly a-riding on a frog, Next comes a water rat a-floating on a log; A caterpillar on the fence, a hopper in the hay— Who’ll get to Moscow before the close […]

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A sailor gave his sonny Nearly half a pint of money And sent him out to buy a ton of coal; But he met a poor old miser Who told him it were wiser To bury all his money in a hole. A sailor gave his sonny Nearly half a pint of money And told […]

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King Kokem

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King Kokem lay snoozing upon his brass bed— Oh, play an old tune on your fiddle! With shoes on his feet, and a crown on his head— Oh, tune up your rusty old fiddle! He dreamed of a land where the lions were tame, Where they fried their lamb-chops on a griddle, Where they called […]

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Oh, Mother

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Oh, Mother, Oh, Mother, Come quickly and see, The house and the farmyard Have gone on a spree. The pig’s in the pantry, The chickens are out, The parrot is perched On the tea kettle spout. And mercy, Oh, mercy, Oh, what shall I do? A rat has run off With my very best shoe. […]

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The Party

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Billy Bluebird had a party In an elder tree, But the little black-eyed smarty Didn’t ask us to his party Neither you nor me. This is what they had for dinner, For I peeked to see: Apple seeds and beetle finner, And for drink the little sinner Gave them tansy tea. But there came an […]

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Captain Tickle And His Nickel

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Captain Tickle had a nickel In a paper sack, He threw it in the river And he couldn’t get it back. Captain Tickle spent his nickel For a rubber ball, And when he cut it open There was nothing there at all. Leroy F. Jackson

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Under the Willow

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Put down your pillow under the willow, Hang up your hat in the sun, And lie down to snooze as long as you choose, For the plowing and sowing are done. Pick up your pillow from under the willow, And clamber out into the sun. Get a fork and a rake for goodness’ sake, For […]

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Doctor Drake

On a hummock by the lake Stands the home of Doctor Drake, Poor old doctor, how he works! Week by week he never shirks— Pulling teeth for guinea-fowl, Soothing puppies when they howl, Whittling out a hickory peg For a gander’s broken leg, Giving medicine away About a hundred times a day, Linseed oil and […]

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All Aboard For Bombay

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All aboard for Bombay, All aboard for Rome! Leave your little sisters And your loving aunts at home. Bring a bit of bailing wire, A pocketful of nails, And half a dozen wiener-wursts For every man that sails. Tell Terry Tagg, when you go by, Be sure to bring his dog. All aboard for Bombay […]

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Cut Up A Caper

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Cut up a caper, You’ve got a paper And I’ve got a widget of string. You be the army And let nothing harm me For I am the captain and king. Leroy F. Jackson

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Eat, Eat, Eat

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Here come the sweet potatoes And here’s the Sunday meat, I guess we must be ready now To eat, eat, eat. I’m going to have the nicey plate And Daddy’s leather seat, And wear my patent-leather shoes To eat, eat, eat. My Daddy’s talking all about The war, and some old fleet, I wonder if […]

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A Big, Fat Potato

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A big, fat potato lay down on a clod In the shade of some burdock and tall goldenrod, And he dreamed he were king of the whole garden plot, With a palace and throne, and a crown with a lot Of jewels and diamonds and gold till it shone Like the front of a show […]

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The Rag-Man

“Rag-man, rag-man, Taggy, taggy, rag-man, Tell us what you’ve got there in your sack.

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Pensive Percy

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Percy when a little boy Was quiet as a mouse, He never set the barn afire Nor battered down the house. He used to sit for hours and hours Just gazing at the moon, And feeding little fishes Sarsaparilla from a spoon. Leroy F. Jackson

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Somebody give me a peanut, Somebody give me a pear; I want to go down to the circus And feed all the animals there. Leroy F. Jackson

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