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A sailor gave his sonny Nearly half a pint of money And sent him out to buy a ton of coal; But he met a poor old miser Who told him it were wiser To bury all his money in a hole. A sailor gave his sonny Nearly half a pint of money And told […]

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Ring-a-ring-a-roses, A pocket full of posies; Hush! hush! hush! hush! We’re all tumbled down.

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Mary’s Canary

Mary had a pretty bird, Feathers bright and yellow, Slender legs–upon my word He was a pretty fellow! The sweetest note he always sung, Which much delighted Mary. She often, where the cage was hung, Sat hearing her canary.

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The Robin And The Squirrel

Said the Robin to the Squirrel, “How d’ you do?

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The Stove

A stove is a thing that gets awfully hot, And fries up your meat, or whatever you’ve got. It’s made out of iron and hinges and screws, And filled up with shakers, and dampers, and flues. It’s not very long and it’s not very wide; It’s got black’ning on top and ashes inside. Leroy F. […]

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My Love

Saw ye aught of my love a-coming from the market? A peck of meal upon her back, A babby in her basket; Saw ye aught of my love a-coming from the market?

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Dippy-Dippy-Davy, Half the Royal Navy In the dampness and the dark Was driving off a savage shark To Dippy-Dippy-Davy. Leroy F. Jackson

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Master I Have

Master I have, and I am his man, Gallop a dreary dun; Master I have, and I am his man, And I’ll get a wife as fast as I can; With a heighty gaily gamberally, Higgledy piggledy, niggledy, niggledy, Gallop a dreary dun.

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Terrible Tim

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Haven’t you heard of Terrible Tim! Well, don’t you get in the way of him. He eats lions for breakfast And leopards for lunch, And gobbles them down With one terrible crunch. He could mix a whole city All up in a mess, He could drink up a sea Or an ocean, I guess. You’d […]

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The Lost Shoe

Doodle doodle doo, The Princess lost her shoe: Her Highness hopped,– The fiddler stopped, Not knowing what to do.

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Draw A Pail Of Water

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Draw a pail of water, For my lady’s daughter; My father’s a king, and my mother’s a queen, My two little sisters are dressed in green, Stamping grass and parsley, Marigold leaves and daisies. One rush! two rush! Pray thee, fine lady, come under my bush.

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Whenever I Go Out To Walk

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Whenever I go out to walk, All the geese begin to gawk; And when I start to wander back, All the ducks begin to quack. Leroy F. Jackson

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If I Were Richer

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If I were richer I’d buy a pitcher With scenery on it. ’Jolica ware— Storks here and there, And a funny affair With ladies on it. In half a minute I’d mix up in it A wonderful drink— Peppermint, ice, Lemons and spice— Taste pretty nice, What do you think? Leroy F. Jackson

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Hipperty, Clickerty, Clackerty, Bang

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Hipperty, clickerty, clackerty, bang, Get in a corner as fast as you can! The sideboard is tipsy, the table is mad, The chairs have lost all the sense that they had. So hipperty, clickerty, clackerty, bang, Get in a corner as fast as you can! Leroy F. Jackson

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The Freighter

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Through fog and rain I run my train Wherever the track is laid, And over the road I carry a load Whenever the freight is paid. A kaddy of tea For Genessee, For Troy an empty crate, A man in brown For Uniontown To help them celebrate. Leroy F. Jackson

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Old Molly Is Lowing

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Old Molly is lowing and lowing ’Way down in the old meadow lot. I’ve given her water and clover, And all of the apples I’ve got; But she won’t eat a thing that I give her, And never drinks even a sup, For they’ve taken her baby to market And some one has eaten it […]

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