Margery Daw

See saw, Margery Daw, Jenny shall have a new master; She shall have but a penny a-day, Because she can’t work any faster….[Continue]

A Man with a Nickel

A man with a nickel, A sword, and a sickle, A pipe, and a paper of pins Set out for the Niger To capture a tiger– And that’s how my story begins. When he saw the wide ocean, He soon …[Continue]

The Bells

“You owe me five shillings,” Say the bells of St. Helen’s. “When will you pay me?” Say the bells of Old Bailey. “When I grow rich,” Say the bells of Shoreditch. “When will that be?” Say the bells of Stepney. …[Continue]

I Love Sixpence

I love sixpence, a jolly, jolly sixpence, I love sixpence as my life; I spent a penny of it, I spent a penny of it, I took a penny home to my wife. Oh, my little fourpence, a jolly, jolly …[Continue]

A Dillar A Dollar

A dillar, a dollar, A ten o’clock scholar; What makes you come so soon? You used to come at ten o’clock, But now you come at noon!…[Continue]


A dime and a dollar Took me by the collar And whispered this word in my ear: “We must leave you to-morrow, But prithee don’t sorrow, We’ll come back to see you next year….[Continue]

When I’m As Rich As Uncle Claus

When I’m as rich as Uncle Claus, With whiskers on my chin, I’m going to have a great big house To put my people in. I’ll never let them wander out Or ride with me to town; They’ll come a-running …[Continue]

Jingle, Jingle, Jack

Jingle, jingle, Jack, A copper down a crack. Twenty men and all their wives, With sticks and picks and pocket knives, Digging for their very lives To get the copper back. Leroy F. Jackson…[Continue]

Young Lambs To Sell

If I’d as much money as I could tell, I never would cry young lambs to sell; Young lambs to sell, young lambs to sell; I never would cry young lambs to sell….[Continue]

Old Chairs To Mend

If I’d as much money as I could spend, I never would cry old chairs to mend; Old chairs to mend, old chairs to mend; I never would cry old chairs to mend. If I’d as much money as I …[Continue]

Money And The Mare

“Lend me thy mare to ride a mile.” “She is lamed, leaping over a stile.” “Alack! and I must keep the fair! I’ll give thee money for thy mare.” “Oh, oh! say you so? Money will make the mare to …[Continue]