Nursery Rhyme Crafts

Top Five Nursery Rhyme Crafts

Everyone has a favorite nursery rhyme that they learned as a child. Children love nursery rhymes as they help them learn to read and use memorization skills. What are the best nursery rhyme crafts? There are many fast and easy …[Continue]

Creating Your Own Nursery Rhyme Crafts

Nursery rhymes are a great way for children to learn how to read and to write. Creating nursery rhyme crafts is a fairly simple thing to do. You can create nursery rhyme crafts as an aid to a child who …[Continue]

Great Nursery Rhyme Crafts for Beginners

Like most people, you probably know a few nursery rhymes. If you like to read nursery rhymes to your children or students, it is always a great idea to create some nursery rhyme crafts that you can use as props …[Continue]

Why Making Nursery Rhyme Crafts is So Fun

Most schoolteachers will tell you that they can teach your child but it is up to the parents to help the child learn what they are taught at school. If you have a child learning to read and write, now …[Continue]

Nursery Rhyme Crafts Even A Kid Can Do

Teaching your children nursery rhymes is a fun way to bond with your child as they learn to read and write. Children always enjoy coloring or painting and coming up with fun nursery rhyme crafts for kids isn’t as hard …[Continue]

Nursery Rhyme Craft Ideas

Nursery rhymes are a fun way to use your imagination and a wonderful way to teach your child how to read. You can create nursery rhyme crafts to use as props when you read the nursery rhymes to your children …[Continue]

Nursery Rhyme Crafts to Use as Decor

If you are a fan of nursery rhymes, chances are you have nursery rhyme crafts or props that you use when you read the nursery rhymes to children. Creating nursery rhyme décor crafts are fun and easy to do with …[Continue]

Fast and Simple Nursery Rhyme Crafts

Nursery rhyme crafts are a great way to help a child learn how to read. You can make fast and simple nursery rhyme crafts by gathering a few items from around your house! Look around and you might surprise yourself …[Continue]

Little Miss Muffet’s Spider

Materials needed: •Marbles •Box •White paper •Black paint Directions: •First you are going to need to place the white paper into the box •Next you can place black paint into the corner of the box and drop marbles into that …[Continue]