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Dame Trot And Her Cat

Dame Trot and her cat Led a peaceable life, When they were not troubled With other folks’ strife. When Dame had her dinner, Pussy would wait, And was sure to receive A nice piece from her plate.

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A Strange Old Woman

There was an old woman, and what do you think? She lived upon nothing but victuals and drink; Victuals and drink were the chief of her diet, And yet this old woman could never be quiet.

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The Old Man

There was an old man In a velvet coat, He kissed a maid And gave her a groat. The groat it was crack’d And would not go,– Ah, old man, do you serve me so?

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Old Grimes

Old Grimes is dead, that good old man, We ne’er shall see him more; He used to wear a long brown coat All buttoned down before.

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Robin Redbreast

Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a tree, Up went Pussy-Cat, down went he, Down came Pussy-Cat, away Robin ran, Says little Robin Redbreast: “Catch me if you can!” Little Robin Redbreast jumped upon a spade, Pussy-Cat jumped after him, and then he was afraid. Little Robin chirped and sang, and what did Pussy say? Pussy-Cat […]

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Ride Away, Ride Away

Ride away, ride away, Johnny shall ride, And he shall have pussy-cat Tied to one side; And he shall have little dog Tied to the other, And Johnny shall ride To see his grandmother.

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Jackie, Come Give Me Your Fiddle

“Jackie, come give me your fiddle. If ever you mean to thrive.” “Nay, I’ll not give my fiddle To any man alive.” “If I should give my fiddle, They’ll think that I’ve gone mad, For many a joyful day My fiddle and I have had.”

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Trip Upon Trenchers

Trip upon trenchers, And dance upon dishes, My mother sent me for some barm, some barm. She bid me go lightly, And come again quickly, For fear the young men should do me some harm. Yet didn’t you see, Yet didn’t you see, What naughty tricks they put upon me? They broke my pitcher, And […]

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There Was An Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket

There was an old woman tossed up in a blanket Seventeen times as high as the moon. But where she was going, no mortal could tell it, For under her arm, she carried a broom. “Old woman, old woman, old woman,” quoth I, “Whither, ah whither, ah whither so high?” “To sweep the cobwebs from […]

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Jack Sprat

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Jack Sprat could eat no fat, His wife could eat no lean, And so betwixt the two of them They licked the platter clean

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Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son

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Tom, Tom, the piper’s son, He learnt to play when he was young, He with his pipe made such a noise, That he pleased all the girls and boys.

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Old Man With A Nose

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There was an Old Man with a nose, Who said, “If you choose to suppose That my nose is too long, you are certainly wrong!” That remarkable Man with a nose. Edward Lear

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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells, And pretty maids all in a row. Mary Quite Contrary Posters

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Punch And Judy Fought For A Pie

Punch and Judy fought for a pie. Punch gave Judy a blow in the eye. Says Punch to Judy, “Will you have more?” Says Judy to Punch, “My eye is too sore.”

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Georgie Porgie

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Georgie Porgie, puddin’ and pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

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Robin Hood And Little John

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Is in the mickle wood! Little John, Little John, He to the town is gone. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Telling his beads, All in the greenwood Among the green weeds. Little John, Little John, If he comes no more, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, We shall fret full sore!

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