A Well

As round as an apple, as deep as a cup, And all the king’s horses can’t fill it up….[Continue]

Only One was Going to St. Ives.

As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven sacks, Each sack had seven cats, Each cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, sacks, and wives, How many were going to St. …[Continue]

Twelve Pears

Twelve pears hanging high, Twelve knights riding by ; Each knight took a pear, And yet left eleven there!…[Continue]

If All the World

If all the world were apple pie, And all the sea were ink, And all the trees were bread and cheese, What should we have for drink?…[Continue]

A Needle and Thread

Mrs. Twitchett with one eye, A wondrous length of train lets fly ; And as she glides through every gap, She leaves a bit of her tail in the trap….[Continue]

A Plum Pudding

Flour of England, fruit of Spain, Met together in a shower of rain; Put in a bag tied round with a string; If you’ll tell me this riddle, I’ll give you a ring….[Continue]

A Sieve

A riddle, a riddle, as I suppose, A hundred eyes and never a nose!…[Continue]

A Tree

In Spring I look gay, Decked in comely array, In Summer more clothing I wear; When colder it grows, I fling off my clothes, And in Winter quite naked appear….[Continue]

A Walnut

As soft as silk, as white as milk, As bitter as gall, a strong wall, And a green coat covers me all….[Continue]

Pairs Or Pears

Twelve pairs hanging high, Twelve knights riding by, Each knight took a pear, And yet left a dozen there….[Continue]


Formed long ago, yet made to-day, Employed while others sleep; What few would like to give away, Nor any wish to keep….[Continue]