Preschool File Folder Games

Preschool file folder games are colorful games made within a regular, office, file folder. They highlight shapes, colors, numbers and letters making learning and teaching even more fun to do. Two, three and four year olds will get to play …[Continue]

Preschool Snacks: Choosing Wisely

Choosing a snack for your preschooler may be a challenge for you to complete.  Your preschooler is picky and will only eat certain items.  The items that you give to your preschooler need to be full of nutrients and will …[Continue]

About Preschool Snacks

When your child begins preschool, they will normally attend preschool for a couple of hours.  This may seem no big deal to you as the parent, but to the student, this can create a huge disaster.  Your preschool age child …[Continue]

Preschool Snacking Basics

Are you a teacher at a preschool?  Teaching preschoolers can be challenging, but will have many rewards that you will be able to take home with you and be proud.  At preschool age, children are curious and love to learn …[Continue]

More Paper Crafting with Preschoolers

As you teach preschool students or your own preschool age child, you will find that a good source to use as you teach them is completing a craft.  As a child learns how to create a craft from what they …[Continue]

Paper Crafting with Preschoolers

Teaching a preschool student different lessons is the key to that student’s success.  In preschool a student learns how to associate numbers, letters, nursery rhymes, songs, math, science and much more with what happens in their lives.  The way they …[Continue]

Best Sites for Preschool Activities

Toddlers that are at preschool age are ready to start learning and need activities that help them use their brain.  Placing your child into preschool is a great option to use for your toddler.  While some parents do this, other …[Continue]

The Importance of Your Preschool Lesson Plans

As a child, when did you start to learn how to socialize with other people and understand what teachers and parents have been teaching you?  Each person is different and remembers at different points in their life when something began …[Continue]

Preschool Lesson Plan Basics

Teaching preschool is a fun and interactive way for an adult to associate with preschool aged students and children.  Having the right lesson plan is very important.  The more effective your lesson plan is, the more the student will learn …[Continue]