Top Ten List on Why Preschool is Important

There are a number of reasons it is a good idea to send your child to preschool. The following is a look at ten reasons that preschool is important:   Reason one: Preschool helps prepare children academically for kindergarten. Most …[Continue]

Reasons Why Preschool is So Important

Preschool is important because it helps kids become kindergarten ready. When a child attends a regular preschool, they obtain the skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten. Here are a few of those skills: Listen to stories without interrupting. Granted …[Continue]

Why is Preschool So Important?

There are a number of reasons that a parent should consider sending their child to preschool. Preschool is a great learning and social environment that can aid in preparing a child to enter kindergarten and go to school on a …[Continue]

When Should You Consider ‘Redshirting’ Your Kindergartner?

Academic redshirting is the practice of delaying a student’s entrance into kindergarten to allow another year for emotional, intellectual, and physical development, thereby improving the student’s likelihood of success. It also allows an additional year to develop the necessary motor …[Continue]

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten?

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Many parents are concerned when that particular summer rolls. While most children are ready, children mature and develop at certain rates. The differences in development can be significant in young children, and some children …[Continue]

Redshirting Basics

Redshirting is many times referred to when you hold a student or child back a year in school.  This will give the student a chance to increase their academic and social skills with the teacher and other students.  Making the …[Continue]

Is Redshirting A Good Idea for Your Child?

Redshirting your child can be used for two different things.  You can redshirt your child to improve their athletic capability or you can redshirt your child for their academic career.  Redshirting is becoming more popular with the academics.  Making the …[Continue]

Kindergarten Readiness and Your Child

As a parent it is smart to worry about what your child should be able to do and what they should know before kindergarten. You do not want your child to start off behind, so making sure they are kindergarten …[Continue]

What is Redshirting?

The word or term redshirting can be used in a couple different contexts.  The most familiar way that redshirting is used is for an academic reason. When you use academic redshirting you are allowing the student or child an extra …[Continue]

How to Determine Your Child’s Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness involves several aspects. It is important that your child is academically ready for kindergarten. However, it is equally important that they are emotionally, physically, and mentally ready as well. If your child is going to suffer from separation …[Continue]

Clues to Kindergarten Readiness

  Even though most of kindergarten readiness is determined by the age of your child, there are certain developmental skills that they should have mastered before starting kindergarten. In addition, in order to succeed academically, there are some certain skills …[Continue]