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Singing A Song of Sixpence with Your Preschooler

When your child enters the preschool stage, they have reached an age where they are ready to start learning and remembering what they learn.  Many preschool teachers have used different nursery rhymes that will help the child remember them.  Educators, authors and songwriters will use rhymes within their music and songs to help the child […]

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All About Ring Around the Rosy and Other Preschool Songs

Have you ever stopped and listened to the preschool songs and nursery rhymes that your child is singing?  Many of the songs will have a rhyme or a repetitive phrase that is being used over and over.  Educators, authors and songwriters have created the rhyme and song that way to help your preschool student use […]

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Alphabet Songs

Does your child need to learn their ABCs? Does he or she struggle to remember the letters and the sounds they make? One great, classic way to teach your child the alphabet is to match them the ABC song. The following are some great examples of alphabet songs that will help your child remember the […]

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