Nursery Rhyme Videos

Little Miss Muffet

Watch this animated video of the classic nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet.” Enjoy the calming music, but watch out for the spider!…[Continue]

Nursery Rhymes – Good Morning

This animated video of the children’s song “Good Morning” celebrates the differences among children and the simple joy of a sunny morning. Use the lyrics at the bottom of the page to help you sing along if you don’t know …[Continue]

London Bridge is Falling Down

This clever video brings to life the falling down and building up of London Bridge with the different materials used in the nursery rhyme. Watch the bridge come apart and be rebuilt with humorous noises until they find a material …[Continue]

Nursery Rhymes – Jack and Jill

Perhaps a longer version than you traditionally sing, this animated video tells the classic story of Jack and Jill’s adventure up and down the hill. Sing along and learn the new verse if you don’t know it….[Continue]