Sesame Street Video

Sesame Street: Z is for Zipper

Sesame Street offers a catchy rap to help you practice your ABCs. Remind yourself that Z is for Zipper and be amazed by all the zippers on kids’ jackets, hats, shoes, and more. Source: Sesame Street: Z is for Zipper …[Continue]

Sesame Street: Healthy Cookie

Renee shows you how to bake her favorite healthy cookies. Follow her recipe, explore baking in the kitchen (with a grownup!), and eat a delicious and healthy snack….[Continue]

Sesame Street: Before and After Circus

Linda and Luis help explain the ideas of before and after in a fun circus environment. Linda jumps through a hoop, slips on a banana peel, and gets hit with a bucket of water to help you understand the concept …[Continue]

Sesame Street’s Talk, Listen, Connect

Sesame Street’s Talk, Listen, Connect program deals with the tough issues that face children with parents in the military. This serious video highlights the major components of the program that may help your child deal with these big moments in …[Continue]

Sesame Street: Worm Reggae

Explore the reggae music of the worm group Squiggy Marley and the Mud Makers. Let your mind sail off to their home country of Jamaica while listening to this relaxing beat about loving music….[Continue]

Sesame Street: Steel Drum Rhythm

This old, classic Sesame Street clip features the music of the steel drum. Hear the rhythm of the music everywhere in life—at the beach, in your steps, through animals, and in so many more ways….[Continue]

Sesame Street: Guys and Dolls

Monsterpiece Theater and Alistair Cookie bring you Sesame Street’s rendition of Guys and Dolls. This musical celebrates the similarities between girls and boys and fights the stereotypes of what is classified as normal. Sesame Street reminds us that your gender …[Continue]