Easter Bunny Fun

Easter bunny fun

About the Easter Bunny

Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From?

Easter Bunny Meadow

Today we there are hundreds of traditions and customs surrounding various holidays. Goblins and ghouls haunt Halloween, reindeer and Santa add fun and joy to Christmas and bunnies and eggs make Easter sweeter.  So, where did these traditions come from?  Most find their origins in pagan celebrations or customs; they have been modified or combined […]

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Easter Bunny Origin

White Bunny with Easter Basket

Although the exact origins of the Easter bunny are unclear, historical writings appear to indicate that the bunny, or hare, as an Easter symbol has its origins in Alsace, France and southwestern Germany.  The Easter Bunny, and Easter celebrations as we now know them, have changed a great deal since their origination in the 1600s. […]

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The History of Today’s Easter Bunny


Many retailers signal spring’s arrival with the image of the Easter bunny.  In stores everywhere we see the image of a giant pastel bunny (many times carrying eggs in a basket) advertising that merchant’s wares.  Homes are decorated with images of cute Easter bunnies and some parents even go as far as to dress like […]

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History of the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Spring

While the Easter bunny has become the central figure of the commercial aspect of Easter there is actually a long and religiously linked history of how the Easter bunny came to be.  In the ancient world, the rabbit had long been a symbol of fertility.  Even today the rabbit is known for its reproductive prowess, […]

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Origins of the Easter Bunny

Little Girl with Bunny

As Easter approaches it seems that bunnies begin to appear everywhere.  While many people assume that Easter bunnies are simply a sign of spring and a signal that Easter will soon arrive there is actually an extensive history on the origins of the Easter bunny. The central figure of  Easter may be the Easter Bunny […]

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