Easter Bunny Fun

Easter bunny fun


Easter File Folder Games


File folder games are a great way to entertain children without spending a lot of money. In addition to being affordable, you can customize file folder games. You can create a file folder game for any occasion, holiday, school subject or event. Consider your child’s skills when making a file folder game so that it […]

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Top 5 Easter Songs

Easter Tree

Every holiday season marks an opportunity for children to sing and dance, often to the tunes of their favorite holiday songs. However, Christmas tends to dominate this arena. But, with a little bit of research, you can uncover Easter songs that everyone will enjoy. Teachers often implement dances into these routines, and with some creativity, […]

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Stories About the Easter Bunny for Fun and Humor

Happy Easter

A delightful way to add to your Easter celebration is to include some stories about the Easter bunny. Whether written many years ago, or just recently, these stories can add to the fun of Easter. If you need a story to tell at an Easter program, want to share something fun in the classroom or […]

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Two Silly Easter Bunny Stories

White Rabbit

While anticipating the arrival of the Easter bunny can be fun all on its own, you may be surprised to learn that there is a wealth of stories and poems surrounding him. These poems and stories can be used during a classroom party, Easter program or just to entertain your kids at home. These stories […]

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Recipes for Easter Bunny Cupcakes that Will Get You Hopping


Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite and never before have cupcakes been so hot!  One of the major benefits of cupcakes is that you can decorate them to fit any occasion. This is especially true at Easter. Easter bunny cupcakes can make a great dessert, or even a placeholder to let your guests know where they will […]

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Easter Bunny Cupcakes for the Holiday


Cupcakes are all the rage right now, and that is never truer than when Easter rolls around. You may be wondering how you can duplicate those darling cupcakes you see in the bakery window and on cooking shows. The good news is that you don’t have to be an experienced pastry chef to make that […]

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Recipes for an Easter Bunny Cake


For a spectacular finish to your Easter dinner this year, you can surprise your family and friends with an Easter Bunny Cake. These festive dessert is to make and everyone loves cake!  While traditional recipes call for white or carrot cake, don’t be afraid to substitute for your favorite flavor. Keep in mind that while […]

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Where Did the Idea of the Easter Bunny Come From?

Easter Bunny

You may be surprised to learn that the fluffy white bunny of Easter actually has a long standing history. The origin of the Easter bunny can actually be found in pre-Christian years as a fertility symbol. The reason for this is that both the hare and the rabbit were known as the most fertile animals. […]

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Origins of the Easter Bunny

Little Rabbit

The present day Easter bunny is derived from an ancient tradition. This tradition began during the fertile season of spring as pagan celebrations held the belief that hares, rabbits and eggs were symbols of fertility and new life. This belief most likely stemmed from the fact that hares and rabbits are prolific breeders which often […]

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Where to Find Free Easter Clipart

Easter Bunny Clipart

Easter arrives with along with all sorts of craft possibilities. With the proliferation of the computer clipart has become a crating staple. Whether you making Easter programs for church or school, want to send some Easter cards, or just want to make some Easter decorations, for your home, clipart can add a lot to any […]

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