All About Making an Easter Basket

Part of the fun of Easter is the creativity that you can use in many different ways. Making your own Easter basket, or making one for someone you care about, can be a lot of fun during this holiday. Best of all you can personalize the Easter basket to match the personality and wants of the gift recipient. Each of these projects can also be done easily in a school setting or will provide hours of crafting fun, to do with the kids in your life. Here is all about making an Easter basket.

  • Grass Basket-This delightful basket is an ode to spring that kids will be especially enamored with. Instead of buying fake grass for your basket, you can make this instead. Remember that after you are done, instead of throwing it in the garbage, you can compost it in your garden.

What you will need:

An Easter basket-You can choose virtually any type of basket. It could be a wicker basket, a brightly colored Easter basket, or even plastic basket.  Whatever type of basket you have on hand will work. Don’t worry if your basket isn’t water tight, since you will put a liner in the Easter Basket as the first step.

Winter rye or grass seed

Aluminum foil

Plastic wrap

Potting soil

Dried flowers (optional)

Instructions for the project: About 2-3 weeks before you need the Easter basket, line the basket with the aluminum foil and fill with potting soil.  Another option is to line the bottom of the Easter basket with a water tight plastic bag.  Sprinkle the top with the rye seed, cover with 1/4 inch of soil, and moisten. Cover the Easter basket with the plastic wrap to help keep it moist; place in a warm area (on top of the refrigerator is good, if you don’t forget to check it!) After the grass has sprouted, remove the plastic wrap and keep a close eye on it.  Water if it begins to dry. After a few weeks, you’ll have an Easter basket full of beautiful green grass! If  the basket needs more decoration, you can weave dried flowers around the edge if you like, and place your eggs (Easter or other) inside.

  • Woven Basket-This easy to make Easter basket would also be a great project for preschool or elementary age kids. You can simplify or make the project more complicated, as the age of the crafter indicates.


What you will need:

Clean plastic container

Wool or yarn




Instructions for the project: Use the scissors to cut strips around the plastic container.  You should use wider strips for younger children. Pick the first color of wool for the bottom of the basket. Put it between two strips and start weaving in and out around the basket. As each row is finished, make sure you push it down tight to the row below it. The wool should be tight as you work around the container, but not so tight that it pulls the sides into the center. You can change colors by starting a new piece of wool. You don’t need to cut off the first color if you are using it again.  Keep the unused wool in the center as you are working around the basket. Be sure to weave them under the new color when you are          back at the starting point. Once you have finished weaving the sides of the basket, trim off the wool and glue down the ends. Cut out a felt center piece to glue inside at the bottom of the basket. Make a wool braid to glue on the top of the brim, or cut out a felt piece to cover the brim.


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