Easter Basket Ideas

There are as many Easter basket ideas as there are people in the world. There is no reason to settle for a generically filled Easter basket from a store. Filling an Easter basket allows you to personalize the contents and the basket to reflect the person you are giving it to. The idea is to be creative and fill the Easter basket with things that the basket’s recipient will want and use. Be sure to use a container that is fun and something that the person receiving the basket can continue to use, long after Easter is over. If you are unsure as to how to begin, here are some Easter basket ideas to get you started-

  • For the spa lover-Why not fill a bathtub caddy with perfumed soap, bubble salt, and expensive lotion. You can also stick in a loofah, wash cloth and if you are feeling really extravagant, a gift certificate to their favorite spa. Be sure to top off the basket with a candle for those long bubble baths, and some lovely potpourri to decorate it with.
  • For the movie lover-A large popcorn tub can hold a movie lover’s favorite video, packets of microwave popcorn, containers of all their favorite movie candies and even tickets to the movie theater. If you really want to add on stick in a note that says you have added a movie channel or two to your cable TV offerings.
  • For the sand lover-You can use a sand pail filled with sand toys for the kid who just can’t resist digging. Today there are lots of sand toys beyond simple pails and shovels. You can add in a sifter, cups for measuring out sand with, and even trucks that are designed to run in the sand. Add in some favorite candy (to be removed before the beach or sandbox) and your little digger will be totally happy.
  • For the gardener-Gardeners always need more items to do their favorite hobby. For an Easter basket, for your favorite gardener, you can fill a ceramic pot with new garden gloves, small hand tools, and even a packet of seeds that can be used in your growing area. To really up the fun, if there is a garden show in your area, include some tickets, so that your favorite gardener can check out what is new.
  • For the want-to-be chef-You can use a large colander to make an Easter basket, filled with the latest kitchen gadgets. You can top it off with some hot pads, gourmet food items, and even a new recipe book. To really impress them try including a gift certificate to the hottest restaurant in town.  Best of all, the cook may just be so happy, you will reap the rewards in the goodies they make.
  • For the toy lover-You may be surprised to learn that there are some kids who prefer toys to candies. If your kid is one of those then consider filling his or her Easter basket with the type of toys they love best. Many toys come in a miniature version, action figure or smaller set. You can load up their Easter basket with the things that they like to play with most. For a fun Easter basket that keeps up with the them, try using a box or bag from their favorite toy store.
  • For the art lover-An art supply caddy can serve as a great Easter basket for a young (or not so young) artist. You can fill it with all sorts of art supplies, from paints, paper, markers, stickers and other art material that might be appropriate. Best of all, this art lover’s Easter basket can easily be personalized for the age and skill level of the recipient. While younger kids might love craft materials, older kids will love experimenting with oil, watercolors and professional art paper. You can even top off this basket with a book about the recipient’s favorite artist.