Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids to Do

There are lots of fun Easter Bunny craft projects that are designed for kids. Whether you are looking for something to use in a classroom or just want to make some memories with your own children, these projects will fit the bill. Best of all these projects can easily be made by crafters with just beginning skills, and they don’t require hard to find or expensive craft materials. Here are some Easter Bunny crafts for kids-

  • Easter Bunny-This cute Easter bunny craft is easy to make.


What you will need:

Cotton balls

Foam (polystyrene) egg

White chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

Thicker pink chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

Wiggle eyes

Small pink pom-pom

Thin wire

Wire cutters




Fabric or lace

Instructions for the project: The first step is to glue cotton balls on a foam egg for tail and feet. Then you will need to bend white pipe cleaner around a thicker pink pipe cleaner for the ears. Stick a pair at the top of the egg. Then you can add            wiggle eyes, a small pink pom-pom nose and thin wire whiskers. Place on a cardboard circle with hole cut out for base of egg to rest in. The cardboard can be covered with fabric, fake grass.

  • Egg Bunny-With perky pink ears and just enough fuzz to make him plausible, this little table-hopper stands ready to greet each Easter brunch guest.


What you will need:



Egg carton


Pipe cleaners

Glue stick

Small pom-poms

Googly eyes


Instructions for the project: It is important to keep in mind that although a hard-boiled egg could work here, a blown egg produces a less top-heavy critter. You can shake the egg to break the yoke. Then you can carefully use a pushpin to pierce a hole at both ends of the egg and blow (don’t inhale!) the insides out. Cut a cup from an egg carton, trim it to make four legs, and cut out the bottom. Cut two ears from the egg carton and hold them in place with the pipe cleaner, wrapping it around the middle of the egg. Place the egg on the four-legged stand, threading the pipe cleaner ends down through the center hole and then wrapping them around the rear legs. Glue a pom-pom nose and tail over the pierced holes in the egg. Glue two googly eyes above the nose and draw a mouth below it.

  • Terra Cotta Easter Bunny Pot-While this is still a kid friendly craft, parental supervision is recommended with the use of the hot glue gun and wire cutters.


What you will need:

2 Terra-cotta pots (any 2 of same size)

White Gesso

Gold glitter craft paint

Paint brush

White felt

Pink felt


2 Small wiggle eyes

Hot glue or tacky glue

Pink ribbon

1 Tiny pink pom pom

3 White pom poms (at least double the size of the pink pom pom)

2 Small silk rose buds

Wire cutters

Instructions for the project: Base coat the two terra-cotta pots with white Gesso.   Let dry.  Glue the terra-cotta pots together, top to top. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the middle of the bunny. Glue in place. Tie a bow with another piece of ribbon and glue on. Add gold glitter craft paint on center of bow. Glue white pom poms on right above ribbon (for the cheeks). Glue the pink pom pom above and right between white pom poms (for the nose).Glue on wiggle eyes. Cut out ears out of white felt. Cut ears a bit smaller out of pink felt. Glue together. Glue ears on top of the bunny. Cut the stems off the rosettes with the wire cutters. Glue a ribbon rosette in front and in back of ears. Glue bunny tail on the back of bunny, about half way up the bottom pot. Let dry.


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