Easter Bunny Crafts for Teachers and the Classroom

Easter time brings the chance of doing a lot of fun projects in the classroom. However, it is important to take into account the age and crafting skills of the kids, who will be doing project. In addition, it is also helpful to go over the project thoroughly to determine how feasible it will be to do in a classroom setting. The bottom line is that some projects are simply more suited to the classroom then others. The projects listed below would work well in a classroom. So not all that’s left to do is to gather the supplies and the kids and begin working on these Easter bunny crafts, for the classroom.

  • Easter Bunny Pencil Toppers-This is a great project to do in a classroom since you really only need pencils and pom poms.


What you will need:

1 large white pompom

2 small tan or grey pompoms

1 tiny red pompom

1 tiny pink pompom

1 white bumpy chenille stem

1pink plain chenille stem

1 pencil

Small movable eyes

Tacky glue

Instructions for the project: Start by applying glue all around the top of the pencil. Using your fingertips, start separating the fibers, in one section of the white pompom and insert the pencil into this area, holding the two together until the glue holds firmly. Glue on the two tan or grey pompoms, placing them together for the cheeks. Glue the tiny pink pompom on top of the two tan pompoms, and then add a tiny red pompom for the tongue. Glue the eyes in place above the nose. Cut the bumpy chenille stem so that there are two bumps on the stem. Fold the stem in half so that the two bumps are together and the folded part of the stem is at the top. Cut a piece of the pink chenille stem, about the length of the bumpy stem. Glue this in the center of the two bumpy stem ears. Make another to complete the two ears. Separate the fibers at the top left section of the white pompom and insert the first ear. Repeat on the right to attach the other ear. Hold gently until the glue holds the ears in place. Set the bunny pencil aside and allow the glue to dry completely before you use the pencil to draw your Easter pictures.

  • Craft Foam Bunny Bookmark-The kids will love being able to make their own Easter themed bookmarks.


What you will need:

White craft foam

Pink marker or paint

Large white pompom

2 Small white pompoms

1 Small pink pompom

White embroidery thread

2 black beads or wiggly eyes

Tacky glue

Instructions for the project: Begin by cutting a bookmark shape from white craft foam. At one end of the white foam piece, glue a large white pompom. Glue together two small white pompoms and one small pink pompom. This will be the bunny’s nose. Cut a small strand of white embroidery thread and glue to the white pompom, where the nose will be. On top of the embroider thread, glue the two white and one pink pompom that you previously glued together. This will make the bunny’s whiskers and nose. To make the ears, you will need to cut two dome shapes (like a U shape that is upside down) from the white craft foam. Paint the center of your dome shape with a little pink paint or marker. This will create the inside highlight on the ears. Glue the dome shape together at the bottom of the U and then glue to the large white pompom. Glue two black beads or wiggly eyes in place. Enjoy your Easter reading with the book bunny!


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