Easter Bunny Crafts for the Holiday or Anytime

Easter provides a wealth of opportunities to do fun crafts. Whether you are looking for a project for a classroom, or just want to enjoy some crafting time at home, with your kids, these projects can work for you. Best of all they are easy to make and don’t require extensive crafting skills or hard to find materials. So if you are looking for craft ideas, here are some Easter Bunny crafts-

  • Easter Bunny Envelope-This is easy and fun to make, and is a cute kids craft for classroom parties. You can stuff each envelope with handmade Easter cards to take home.


You will need:

X6 envelopes in pastel shade



Pink construction paper

White construction paper, (optional for eyes)

Black construction paper, (optional for eyes)

Red marker, pen, or crayon

Wiggle eyes, optional

Directions for the project: The first step is to lick the envelope shut. You will then need to turn the envelope up long ways (portrait). Keep in mind that most of the envelope will be ears.  Make sure that you leave about 2 inches to draw on the bunny face. Draw on ears and cut around the ears. Note: This leaves you with a little opening for the grass and eggs. Cut out inner ears out of pink construction paper and glue in place.  Glue on wiggle eyes, or cut eyes out of construction paper and glue in place. Glue on pom pom nose, or cut a nose out of construction paper and glue in place. Draw on a mouth with red pen. As a finishing touch fill the opening with Easter grass and an egg or goodies.

  • Easter Bunny Pin-It just takes a few pre-cut wood pieces and a little imagination to create this easy Easter Bunny Pin.  It’s a great Easter gift to make for friends and family.


You will need:

1 large round pre-cut wood pieces

2 medium teardrop pre-cut wood pieces

2 small teardrop pre-cut wood pieces

1 (1/4″) pink pom-poms

2 (10 MM) wiggle eyes

Tacky glue

White craft paint

Pink craft paint


Red thin line paint markers or permanent marker

Jewelry pin back

Directions for the project: Paint the round pre-cut wood pieces white. Paint the 2 medium teardrop pre-cut wood pieces white. Paint the 2 small teardrop pre-cut wood pieces pink. Let all the pieces dry completely. Glue the medium teardrop wood pieces on as the ears, to the large round wood piece. Then glue the smaller teardrop wood pieces to the medium wood pieces. The small  teardrops will be the inside of the bunny’s ears. Glue the eyes and pom-pom nose on the round pre-cut wood pieces. Use the red paint marker or permanent on the eyebrows and mouth. Let the glue dry completely. Glue the jewelry pin back to the back of the round pre-cut wood pieces.

  • Easter Bunny Bag-This cute Easter bunny bag is perfect for collecting decorated Easter eggs or stashing Easter candy!


You will need:

Paper lunch bag or colored gift bag

Craft foam sheets purple and white

2 large wiggle eyes

White craft glue



Directions for the project: Begin with a piece of foam that is slightly larger than your bag on the sides, but about the same height. Fold the purple foam in half and draw two half circles, as if you were drawing the round parts of a letter “B”. Be careful not to go completely to the fold for the middle line. Cut along the drawn lines. When you unfold the foam you will have two connecting ovals. Cut a hole in the center of the smaller oval to serve as a door hanger. Cut two long rounded pieces of white foam for the ears. Cut out white pieces of foam for the nose, eyes, whiskers, mouth and teeth. Arrange all the facial pieces until they are positioned where you want them, and then glue them in place. Glue the bunny head to the bag, leaving the ears above the opening of the bag. Now you can hang your bunny bag from a doorknob!


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