Easter File Folder Games


File folder games are a great way to entertain children without spending a lot of money. In addition to being affordable, you can customize file folder games. You can create a file folder game for any occasion, holiday, school subject or event. Consider your child’s skills when making a file folder game so that it not only grabs and holds their attention but is challenging, too.


Create a file folder game based on your religious beliefs that represents those things that you celebrate during Easter time, Passover and on Easter Sunday. Create a picture matching game with pictures of Christ, items or events related to Christ’s life and crucifixion or other Passover symbols and illustrations. In addition to creating a simple matching game, you can elevate the difficulty level by creating a file folder game that requires two illustrations or words and illustrations with correlating themes.


For the youngest among us, Easter is a fun time of year when we go on egg hunts, make fun fuzzy crafts and wait anxiously for the Easter Bunny and our Easter basket. Create a file folder game using simple shapes that your pre-schooler associates with the Easter season as they are likely to respond well to these images. Look online for free clip-art images and color them yourself. Make an Easter egg matching game with eggs that are decorated the same or use different images to make it a more diverse matching game. You might also consider introducing simple math by creating Easter eggs and baskets that have numbers on them. For your interchangeable part, have eggs that you can “fill” the basket with until you reach the amount written on the basket. You can use this same principle with bunnies in a rabbit hole or little chicks in a nest.

Older children

Create file folder games for older children that involve filling in missing information. Fill-in-the-blank games are more of a challenge because the answers are not provided but rather must be known or researched. This makes completing the game more of a challenge because the answers are not provided. Write the story of Easter and leave out key words that your child would know. Your child would need to write in the words to complete the story. Create math problems using smaller illustrations of groups of common Easter items and have your child write in the answer to the problem. You could also encourage the development of better spelling by including a picture of an item and providing a space for your child to write in what that item is. You can make this spelling task as simple or as complicated as you wish. You could even use the same spelling words that your child is assigned by their school teacher to make a unique game. After playing their game for the few days that they have before their next spelling test, they will be better prepared for what they are expected to know in the classroom. Homework then seems like less of a chore and more like a fun game!

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