Fun Easter Bunny Crafts

There is no other holiday that lends itself more to doing crafts then Easter. From dying Easter eggs in extravagant colors, to making Easter bunnies of all shapes and sizes, there is a craft project, for everyone. Not matter what your crafting experience is these projects are easy to do. You can find all the materials you need at your local craft store. So now all that is left is to choose a project, get your supplies, and invite your family and friends over, for an afternoon of Easter crafting fun.

  • Easter Bunny Craft Foam Bracelet-This would also make a great project for an art class at school.


What you will need:

colored paper clips

craft fun foam in white, pink and black

movable plastic eyes

red marker


Paper punch

Instructions for the project: The first step is to draw and cut out a Bunny Face for you template. If you are unsure of doing it by hand, you can find several templates online. Trace your pattern onto the white fun foam and cut out. Use a paper punch to cut a small circle from pink fun foam and glue it in the center of the whiskers as the nose. Trace two ovals onto the pink foam. These will be the inside of the bunny’s ears, so you should make sure that they are going to fit,   before cutting them out. Cut out these pattern pieces and glue to the bunny’s ears.  Using red marker, draw a smile on the face, directly under the bunny’s nose. Use   the paper punch to cut a hole in the bunny’s ears. Attach a colored paper clip.  Finally, connect paper clips in a circle large enough to go over your hand, then attach both ends to the paper clip on the bunny face to finish your Easter bunny bracelet.

Tip-If you prefer, the bunny can be clipped to a jacket zipper, a pocket zipper or your backpack.

  • Easter Bunny Bank-This craft turns an empty salt container into something useful.


What you will need:

round cardboard salt container with a metal pouring spout

pink and white felt

goggle eyes

one plastic eyelash, cut in half

1 small brown pompom, 2 medium sized white pompoms and 1 small pink pompom

thin ribbon

Instructions for the project: If younger children are doing this project, an adult may need to help with the first step. Open the metal spout and lengthen the hole in the cardboard with scissors so that a large coin will fit. Carefully remove the paper that wraps around the salt container. Try not to rip this paper cover because you will use it as a template. On white felt, trace around the paper rectangle or measure it and cut out a felt rectangle of the same size. Cut two bunny ear shapes out of the white felt, then cut two slightly smaller ears from pink felt. Glue the smaller pink ears onto the larger white ears, then glue in place on the carton to create the bunny’s floppy ears. Cut a plastic eyelash in half and glue  on below the eyes. Glue “goggle” eyes on below the eyelashes. Glue the small brown pompom in place as the nose, then glue the two medium pompoms together and glue them in place below the nose. Next, glue on a small pink pompom under the two white pompoms as the bunny’s tongue. For the collar, glue pre-gathered lace around the bottom of the container, with the hem of the lace flush with the bottom of the container. Make two small bows from thin ribbon. Glue one in place in the center of the lace collar and one in the middle of the ears.


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