How to Host an Easter Egg Roll!

An Easter Egg Roll is the iconic activity of  the Easter celebration. However, if you don’t live in a community that hosts one there is no reason that you have to miss out on the fun. You can host your own Easter egg roll. All it takes is a little planning and preparation, and fun will be had by everyone. You can gather family and friends around early in the day to join in the fun and celebrate the Easter holiday. Keep in mind that an Easter egg roll is just one of the fun events that you can have. You can also have an Easter egg hunt, cookie decorating, and many other craft activities going on as well. Here is what you need to know about how to host an Easter Egg Roll-

  • Decide who you want to invite-This step is important, for some reasons besides the obvious. Besides deciding who you want to invite you need to get a clear cut idea of the ages of the participants. If you have a lot of very young children attending, your Easter Egg roll will be very different than one that is put on for older kids or teens. Having a list of possible Egg roll guests will allow you to start planning, which is the key to any successful event.
  • Find the right place to have your Easter egg roll-If you have a large backyard you are all set, however, you may need to look at having your Easter egg roll at nearby park, or other location. Keep in mind that you will want plenty of room for participants to be able to run and push their egg. The famous White House Easter Egg rolls were always held on the slopes of the front lawn. Choose a location that work for the ages you are planning for.
  • Decide what kind of eggs you are going to use-Easter egg rolls have a long tradition throughout the world. In some countries decorated eggs are used, while in others plain eggs, and still in other places, plastic eggs filled with candy are use. You will want to decide what kind of eggs you want to use and whether or not the participants will have a stick, spoon or some other implement to “roll” their egg with.
  • Set up a route and a finish line-The Easter egg rolling itself is fairly simple. The participants roll their eggs over a predetermined course and onto the finish line. The first person to get there generally wins a prize. If you are going to have kids of several ages involved, you may want to set up different courses by age group. This way the little ones are less likely to be trampled by older kids just wanting to get to the finish line.
  • Have plenty of prizes-The idea of this type of gathering is fun, not real competition, so be sure to have several prizes. You can have a special prize for first place, and then prizes for participation. If you want to get creative try having prizes for: whoever tried the hardest, most unique roll, and any other fun category that you can think of.
  • Plan lots of other fun-Your Easter egg roll probably won’t take to long, so you’ll want to have other fun planned as well. An Easter egg/candy hunt can be a big hit. Set up a station to let the kids decorate some Easter cookies and be sure to take plenty of pictures, to keep track of all the fun. A goodie bag filled with Easter treats can be a great favor to send home with all of your Easter egg roll guests.


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