Ideas for Filling Easter Baskets

It can be overwhelming with so many choices to decide on when it comes to filling your child’s Easter basket. You may feel that you simply can’t narrow the choices down, or you don’t really know what your child would like in their Easter basket. Here is a handy guide broken down by age, to give you some ideas for filling Easter baskets.

  • Children ages 0 to 1 year of age-While they may not be old enough to remember what you put in their Easter basket, those first Easter baskets can be the most special. Take lots of pictures as your little one digs into their first Easter basket filled with treats. You can start filling the basket, by putting toys that are age appropriate. Teething rings and rattles are good choices, along with bibs, and stuffed animals. Books that can stand up to young hands can also go in the Easter basket as well. You can put in candy for the older ones in this age group, however, you may want to keep in mind that they may not know what they are missing yet. This can also be a good time to add a special toothbrush and comb and brush set.
  • Children ages 2 to 3 years old-This age group may be the easiest ones to fill a basket for. Start by adding in some crayons and coloring books, since kids this age are beginning to get creative. You can always play dough, finger paints and other manipulative as well. Don’t forget that kids this age love their bath time, so be sure to add in tub toys, a comfy towel and even a small robe if you can find one. Bubbles are always a hit, with kids this age and don’t forget some candy and a mandatory stuffed animal.
  • Children ages 4 to 6 years old-Easter baskets for this age group are always fun to fill. Most kids this age love to be read to, so be sure and include some Easter themed books, in their baskets. Kids in this age group have most likely been to school, or at least preschool, so be sure to include some art supplies to keep the creativity flowing. Kids in this age group can handle paints (watercolors are best), markers (make sure they are the washable kind) and glitter pens. They love the chance to express their creativity. Small toys also make a great addition to any Easter basket. Little girls this age especially love to play dress up. Be sure to add the requisite candy and stuffed animal, for a finishing touch.
  • Children age 7 to 10 years old-While they may not seem as excited as their younger counterparts, kids in this age group still love to find an Easter basket made just for them. Girls this age may love a journal to write in, jewelry, or even a new purse in her Easter basket. You can include: hair accessories, stickers or even a jump rope. Most boys this age would love anything related to sports, video games, or action figures. Whatever your child is in to, can be reflected in their Easter basket. Just be sure to include their favorite candy as well.
  • Children ages 11 and up-You may think that your child has outgrown having an Easter basket, however, they will be at least secretly delighted that you thought of them on Easter morning. Just make sure that their Easter basket, reflects what they are interested in. They may love getting the newest movie or video game. Girls this age are highly interested in their appearance. Any girl in this age group would be delighted to find finger nail polish, perfume or age appropriate makeup in her Easter basket. If you really want to surprise them, then tickets to an upcoming concert could really make their Easter. Whatever you do just make sure that you add plenty of Easter candy and even a stuffed animal or two.


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