Kid-Friendly Easter Dinner Recipes

Easter is a fun holiday for kids and one way you can help them get into the spirit of Easter, and enjoy the holiday more, is to let them make some fun, kid-friendly Easter recipes. The following are a few fun, tasty Easter recipes you can use to create and Easter bunny meal!  Let your child help with the whole meal, starting with the appetizer.


Easter Bunny Salad

Tthis fun looking salad will be as enjoyable to make as it is to eat.


Pear halves


Miniature marshmallows or cottage cheese


Apple slices or Almonds


To make this individual salad, start by putting a leaf of lettuce down as a garnish on a plate.  Make sure it is big enough for your pear half to rest on. Now, add the pear half. You want the open side down. This is the body of your Easter bunny. Now, take some raisins, and insert them into the pear for the eyes and nose of the bunny. Take two apple slices or almonds to make the ears of your edible Easter bunny, and use cottage cheese or a mini-marshmallow to make the little bunny tail.

Main Dish

Ham. Let your child help you prepare the ham, and then let them have some fun before serving it.

Start with a basic honey baked ham, cook it and then separate out the slices. Take metal cookie cutters in Easter shapes, preferably bunnies, and let your child cut the ham slices into shapes before serving them.


What is a meal that does not have a delicious dessert to top it off?

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Ingredients (Get quantities sufficient for the number of cupcakes you have.)

A cupcake that is not iced or decorated.

White icing

Shredded coconut

Pink decorators’ sugar

Jelly bean (nose)

2 Chewable Sweet Tart (eyes)

Large marshmallow

Mini marshmallows


Frost your cupcake liberally with the white icing.  Then, sprinkle your shredded coconut on your cupcake; it will look like bunny fur.

Next, have an adult help to cut a large marshmallow in half widthwise. Then use your fingers to squeeze each half slightly, in order to give it an oval shape. You will then take the sticky side of the marshmallow and dip it into the pink decorators’ sugar. These will function as the ears, so go ahead and set them on your cupcake.

Now add on the facial features. Stick on a jelly bean nose and Sweet Tart eyes (you may want to snip them a little to give them better bunny eye shape) and mini marshmallows for cheeks.

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