Where to Find Free Easter Clipart

Where to Find Free Easter Clipart

Easter arrives with along with all sorts of craft possibilities. With the proliferation of the computer clipart has become a crating staple. Whether you making Easter programs for church or school, want to send some Easter cards, or just want …[Continue]

Sites for Free Easter Clipart

There are several different types of clipart. The term clipart comes from the process of taking graphic images out of books. This term is now used as a source for graphics, which means non-photographic images, of various types. You can …[Continue]

Ideas for Hosting an Easter Egg Roll

An Easter Egg Roll can be a fun tradition to add to your Easter celebration. There are many fun rituals attached to Easter, and this is one of the most iconic. The White House Easter Egg Roll is perhaps the …[Continue]

How to Host an Easter Egg Roll!

An Easter Egg Roll is the iconic activity of  the Easter celebration. However, if you don’t live in a community that hosts one there is no reason that you have to miss out on the fun. You can host your …[Continue]

Fun Easter Bunny Crafts

There is no other holiday that lends itself more to doing crafts then Easter. From dying Easter eggs in extravagant colors, to making Easter bunnies of all shapes and sizes, there is a craft project, for everyone. Not matter what …[Continue]

Menus for Easter Dinner

Easter dinner is full of possibilities. Many cooks approach Easter dinner thinking that they must serve the same traditional dinner, year in and year out. However, Easter dinner can be a great time to shake things up a little. If …[Continue]

Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids to Do

There are lots of fun Easter Bunny craft projects that are designed for kids. Whether you are looking for something to use in a classroom or just want to make some memories with your own children, these projects will fit …[Continue]