Planning Ahead for Your Easter Egg Hunt

One of the major keys in having a fun and successful Easter egg hunt is to plan ahead.  This is especially important if you are planning on hosting a variety of ages for your Easter egg hunt.  While most often Easter egg hunts involve young children there are fun ways to get even teenagers and adults involved (because why should just the kids have all the fun?).  So whether you are planning an Easter egg hunt for your friends and family, want to reconnect with your neighbors or are planning on inviting a school, social or church group here is what you need to know about planning ahead for your Easter egg hunt-
  • Be sure to create different hiding areas for different ages-This is especially important if you are going to be at a family gathering where adults, teenagers, and small children will all be gathered.  You can easily set aside different areas for different age groups to hunt, and hide different eggs there! It is crucial to make sure that you distinguish clear boundaries so that kids do not end up with adult eggs. For example: you can hide adult gifts inside the house, put the teenagers in the front yard, and the kids in back.
  • For the little ones-It can be helpful to separate the kid hunt into two sections if there is going to be a lot of little kids. You can have a small area where the eggs are really easy to find, and designate that for the toddlers. Let the older (school-age) kids have some more difficult eggs to find since they will love the challenge. They will not have fun if it’s too easy to find them! You can put some in plain sight, but put some up high, like in trees, so that they have to get creative in order to find them.
  • For the teenagers-While the teenagers may be reluctant to get into the whole egg hunt idea there are ways to involve them. First, ask them to help hide the difficult eggs for the little kids and you will see them begin to have fun. Keep in mind that if you want them to get involved with the hunting, the key is hiding things they want! Use a motivator and hide some money prizes since if they know there is one egg out there with ten bucks in it, you know they will want to hunt!
  • Get the adults involved-There is no reason that the kids should have all the fun.  You can designate a special area for adults to hunt for eggs as well.  For a fun twist on what to have in the Easter eggs you could have everyone donate something (from a home cooked meal to a spa pedicure) and you will have adults busily trying to find those Easter eggs. Just have everyone write on a slip of paper what they are donating and then fill each egg with something.  If you want to keep it simple try filling the adult Easter eggs with either retro candy (available online) for a walk down memory lane or gourmet candies that will please a more adult palate.
  • Think outside the box-If you are hosting a smaller gathering of family and friends you may want to include the Easter baskets.  If each child is receiving an Easter basket then you can set up the hunt to have them find their Easter baskets full of goodies right at the end.  Just make sure that everyone is onboard (you do not want anyone left out).  Arrange to have parents drop off Easter baskets the night before so you can hide them in the morning to surprise each child.

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