Recipes for an Easter Bunny Cake


For a spectacular finish to your Easter dinner this year, you can surprise your family and friends with an Easter Bunny Cake. These festive dessert is to make and everyone loves cake!  While traditional recipes call for white or carrot cake, don’t be afraid to substitute for your favorite flavor. Keep in mind that while this dessert looks complicated, it only takes a cook who can follow directions, for a festive finish. Here are some recipes for an Easter Bunny Cake-

  • Coconut Covered Easter Bunny Cake-This darling cake is sure to enchant everyone who sees it. Best of all it’s easy to make and super delicious!



1 (18.25 ounce) package yellow cake mix

3 3/4 cups flaked coconut

1 (16 ounce) package vanilla frosting

30 small jellybeans

4 red licorice

Directions for the recipe: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and prepare two 9 inch round baking pans as directed on cake box. Prepare cake batter with as directed on package adding in 1/2 cup of coconut. Divide batter evenly between the prepared pans. Bake and cool cake as directed on package. When the cake has completely cooled, place one whole 9 inch cake layer on serving tray, forming the bunny’s head. Cut 2 convex shaped ears from each side of the second layer, place on each side of head to form ears. Use concave shaped  piece for the bowtie, place about 1/2 inch below head. Frost the entire bunny covering top and sides of bunny. Pat remaining 3 1/4 cup coconut evenly over top and sides. Decorate the bunny face and bowtie with jellybeans and use the licorice to make whiskers.

  • Carrot Easter Bunny Cake-Why not make your cake in the flavor preferred by most bunnies-carrot. This is another version of the iconic Easter bunny cake that is easy to do and delicious to eat.



2 round carrot cakes

White or cream cheese frosting

1 large small package coconut

Food coloring


Assorted candies & jelly beans

Colored icing in a tube

Small bowl dairy whipped topping

Directions for the recipe: You will need 2 round cakes. You can use the packaged kind or if you want to make it from scratch. Cover a large piece of cardboard or flat cake pan with foil. Cut one cake into the three pieces with the middle one being convex. Arrange the cake pieces onto your cardboard or flat cake pan. The two outside pieces become the ears, while the middle convex piece is the bow tie. Frost the bunny cake. Reserve a small amount of frosting for the bowtie and color it with food coloring of your choice.  Sprinkle white coconut on everything but            the bowtie and middle of ears. Color a small amount of coconut pink for middle of ears. Sprinkle pink coconut into center of ears. Decorate your bunny cake to make the eyes, nose and mouth. You can use just about anything – from drawing out the face with tube frosting to licorice for whiskers, jellybeans for eyes and nose, etc. Just have fun and remember, there is always next year to make a new bunny in different colors. Finally take your dairy whipped topping and spread a small layer around the sides of your bunny. Take the rest of the coconut and color it green with food coloring. Then sprinkle it around the bunny to make Easter grass. (The topping helps the green coconut to stick) To put the finishing touch on your bunny cake, sprinkle some jelly beans in the “Easter grass” coconut.

Tips for making the cake:

*There is no need to stress over frosting the cake. Simply freeze cut cake pieces uncovered for about 1 hour; this will make frosting a lot easier.

*To neatly display your cake, cover a large tray or cutting board with aluminum foil or colorful plastic wrap.


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