Unique Ideas for Your Annual Easter Egg Hunt

While there is no denying that any Easter egg hunt is fun perhaps you are looking for a way to make yours a little different this year.  Instead of hordes of kids rushing madly around trying to find as many Easter eggs as possible you can structure your Easter egg hunt more like a game or even give it a little more meaning using some of these Easter egg hunting tips.  It is important to remember however that many people both young and old have a strong base in tradition so you may want to only implement one or two of these changes in order to keep your Easter egg hunters from becoming dissenters.  So for a fresh new take here are some unique ideas for your Easter egg hunt-
  • Set some clues-This idea works especially well for elementary age kids who can read.  Instead of candy or small prizes inside the eggs you will place a clue where to find the next egg and so on and so on.  At the end of the hunt either each child will receive their Easter basket filled with goodies or you will want to have a fairly large prize for each child.  Either way the kids will get a charge out of trying to determine the next clue (make them hard enough that the kids have to think hard) until the treats at the end are found. If you have several kids doing the Easter egg hunt this way you may want to have two different clue sets or several eggs at each clue position in order to spread the fun around.
  • Do not let the weather stop you-Hopefully in most parts of the country the weather has eased enough at Easter in order to let the Easter egg hunt take place outside.  However because weather is so unpredictable you may want to consider having an indoor place as a backup.  While your house springs to mind it is important to consider the fact of do you really want hordes of running children going through your home looking for candy filled Easter eggs.  Try to think outside of the box and pick a place that can be fun and unique.  Barns, empty storage warehouses, community centers and even empty skating or laser tag rinks can make good places for an indoor Easter egg hunt.  As long as the space is clean, safe and has good lighting you can decorate (or leave the barn as is for a rural feel) to reflect the spring time of year.
  • Color code the eggs-If your Easter egg hunt turns into fighting (especially common with the younger children) then a way to make it better is to color code the eggs.  First, take your plastic eggs and divide them by color then make sure each color has the same number.  Then you can determine which color will be for which child.  Fill the eggs and hide them.  At the start of the Easter egg hunt let each child know what color Easter eggs they will be searching for.  Make sure that each child only picks up their color.  You may be surprised however to find that the kids begin helping each other find their color of Easter eggs.
  • Invite someone new-Spring and Easter is a time to celebrate new life then why not invite someone new to your Easter egg hunt.  Whether it is a new family in your neighbor or the kids from the community center an Easter egg hunt is a great way to include someone new in your life. For a great family project you may want to contact your local domestic violence shelter to determine if you could host an Easter egg hunt for kids who are displaced from their homes. Whoever you choose to include in your Easter egg hunt use it as time to share your joy of the season.

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