Easter Bunny Fun

Easter bunny fun


Fun and Easy Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

Spring Flowers Tulips

Spring is a fun time of year that offers an opportunity for people to celebrate the longer days, new life, warmer weather and Easter, too. People celebrate spring as well as religious themes involving Christ’s resurrection during the Easter season. Here are some fun and easy ideas for Easter bulletin boards. People associate Easter with […]

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Easy to Make Easter Baskets

One of the enjoyable things about Easter is putting together Easter baskets.  However it is easy to find yourself in a rut filling the Easter baskets with the same tired contents year after year.  If you are looking for new ideas for filling the Easter baskets for your family and friends this year then we […]

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Easy Easter Baskets for Teens

Easter Basket

It seems as children get older they lose some of the magic of Easter.  Teens may not be as interested in dyeing eggs and they certainly do not believe in the Easter bunny.  But you can still enchant your teen with an Easter basket made especially for them. With some creativity and planning you can […]

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Paper Mache Easter Basket Projects

Paper Mache is a versatile and easy to do craft.  Best of all you do not need extensive craft skills or expensive materials in order to do it.  You can use Paper Mache in a variety of ways including making an Easter basket.  While it can be a messy project (especially if kids are helping) […]

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Easter Basket Projects for Kids

There are lots of fun craft projects that you can do at Easter with your kids.  They can make Easter baskets large or small.  These projects are all easy for kids of all ages.  Best of all you can use the time you are doing crafts together to create life long memories. Bunny and Chick […]

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Fun to Make Easter Egg Creations

Decorating Easter eggs (though lots of fun) does not have to be the extent of your Easter time crafting.  There are lots of Easter egg themed creations that you can make during Easter that let you celebrate the season with flair and style.  Best of all these creations are lots of fun to make for […]

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Fun Easter Egg Creations for the Whole Family

Who says that Easter eggs have to be boring or that they even have to be Easter eggs?  Using some of these creative and best of all easy projects you can turn your Easter eggs into a colorful cast of characters.  And one of the best things about these projects is that they do not […]

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Showstopping Decorated Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs with your kids can be great fun but are you tired of making the same old Easter eggs year after year? You can make your Easter eggs creative this year by using some different techniques. Start by asking yourself what would you do if you did not have any Easter egg coloring? […]

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Fun Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun ritual that heralds the arrival of spring.  While you can certainly enjoy decorating your Easter eggs using a store bought kit, there are numerous other ways to take your egg decorating up a level. You can gather your kids around for an afternoon of fun or make decorating your […]

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Three Spring Flower Crafts Your Kids Will Love

There are a lot of spring crafts out there, and ways you can make your spring more enjoyable. Spring crafts are a great way to get in the mood for the season, and to decorate your home, and give your indoors the feel of spring as well as the outdoors. The following crafts will be […]

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