Coffee Can Bunny

Easter time is a fantastic season for you to let out your inner crafty side, and to also let your kids experiment with their crafts.  This particular craft creates an absolutely adorable Easter craft that works great as a table center piece or as any other Easter house decoration.  This particular Easter craft project is somewhat more complicated and more difficult than other Easter craft projects that are out there, so you should probably only do this craft with older kids.  However, your kids will have a great time making this bunny either for your kitchen table or for their own bedrooms.  It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s really easy to do.  This is a fantastic Easter craft project!

Instructions for Coffee Can Bunny

Materials needed (for one bunny):
1.  coffee can
2.  white spray paint
3.  either spray adhesive (for adults to use) or tacky glue
4.  cotton balls
5.  paper
6.  markers, crayons, pens
7.  rabbit ears headband (optional)
8.  small feather duster (optional)

Directions for making Coffee Can Bunny Easter craft
1.  Spray the entire coffee can with the white spray paint.  Ensure that you also spray paint the plastic cover.  If you don’t want to use spray paint, then you can use any other paint.  However, spray paint is the quickest and the neatest way to paint your coffee can.
a.  REMEMBER:  ensure that your craft area is adequately prepped with newspaper and     plastic so that you can keep your table and your floor clean!

2.  Use the spray adhesive according to the instructions on the container.  Use the spray adhesive in order to cover the entire can in cotton balls, so that you can’t see any of the can.  Only adults should be using the spray adhesive.  If the kids want to do this step themselves, then you should provide some tacky glue so that they can use the tacky glue in order to cover the entire coffee can with cotton balls.  Do not cover the plastic cover with cotton balls.

3.  Draw a rabbit face on a piece of white paper.  If you are not confident in your drawing skills, then you can easily find a template or a picture of a rabbit face online.  Print it out on a piece of paper that will match the size of the plastic cover of the coffee can.

4.  Color the picture in as desired.  Then using your adhesive of choice, glue to face to the front of the can where the plastic cover was.  Do not glue the face onto the plastic voer, but do glue it onto the place where the cover went.

5.  Now you need to decide what to do about the ears.  A really easy way to attach ears to your  coffee can bunny is to purchase rabbit ear headbands from your local dollar store.  Then just put those headbands on the coffee can close to the rabbit’s face.  Or you can trace out rabbit ears on heavy, high quality card stock.  Then glue the ears onto the top of the can close to the face.

6.  Finally, if you want to, you can purchase miniature feather dusters and then bore a hole in the back of the coffee can with a screwdriver.  Then you can just stick the feather duster in that hole, and you have a perfect tail for your coffee can bunny!  or you can glue on a nice big pile of cotton balls to form a tail, if you prefer.

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