Easter Recipes for Kids

Kids love to be involved in the holidays, so why not make some fun holiday food that they can help with? These Easter recipes will have them squealing with delight, and will keep their little hands busy for several hours.

Jellybean Carrots

While this is not exactly a recipe, it is a lot of fun for kids, and will make a great take home dessert for a party.

What you need:

Orange jelly beans

Green tissue paper

Cellophane bags (triangular shaped)


Fill the bag about ¾ the way up, then insert the green tissue paper, and tie around top with ribbon. The jelly beans make the orange carrot, and the tissue paper the green carrot top.

Twinkie Birdies

These will have you smiling, and if you love Twinkies, your taste buds will be watering with this fun Easter treat recipe.


1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup white chocolate chips

1 Twinkie

Chocolate sprinkles

Orange frosting

2 candy lemon slices


Start by building a nest for your Twinkie bird by spreading out the coconut on a cookie sheet and broiling it until it is golden brown. This only takes about a minute, just be sure to preheat your oven. Make sure it is evenly toasted. If it isn’t, remove the pan and shake the pan to stir the coconut and put it back in for another thirty seconds or so. Once it’s evenly golden brown, remove the pan from the oven and let it cool. Melt the white chocolate chips (a double broiler is best for this) and stir them into the coconut.  Let cool. Later you will arrange it on your plate, or whatever you are serving it on, into a little nest shape around your bird.

Now make your birdie. Start by cutting the Twinkie in half. You may want to have an adult help with this part. Then press your chocolate sprinkles into the Twinkie to make the bird’s eyes. Pipe on an orange frosting beak, and give the little guy some wings by pressing or using frosting to secure candy lemon slices into the sides.

Stand the Twinkie up on wax paper, a plate, platter or tray and then spoon your coconut nest around the Twinkie bird, into a nest or ring shape.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

These cupcakes are fun and tasty, and your kids will have a blast getting them ready.


1 dozen cupcakes (undecorated)

1 bag jelly beans

2 cups white icing

Sweetened coconut, colored with green food coloring


You can make the cupcakes, or buy them, just make sure they are undecorated. Your kids will love decorating them and getting them ready for Easter. Start by letting them frost the cupcakes with a thick layer of white icing.

Then, help them bend a pipe cleaner or piece of red licorice into an arch. You are going to want to push the ends into the sides of the cupcake to create the “handle” of the cupcake Easter basket.

Now, get your coconut. If you have not yet colored it, shake the shredded coconut in a bowl, sprinkle on green food coloring and mix it quickly until the color is evenly distributed.

After the coconut has been colored, let the kids place a little bit of it into the center of the cupcake to create the appearance of Easter basket grass.

Finally, put a few jelly beans into the green coconut nest.

You can help them make their basket look even cuter by tying a bow onto the pipe cleaner handle.

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