Easy Easter Baskets for Teens

Easter Eggs
It seems as children get older they lose some of the magic of Easter.  Teens may not be as interested in dyeing eggs and they certainly do not believe in the Easter bunny.  But you can still enchant your teen with an Easter basket made especially for them. With some creativity and planning you can give your teen an Easter basket that is a reflection of them.  Best of all you can even put their Easter basket goodies in a container that they can use afterwards like: a makeup bag, art bag, baseball cap or CD rack.  Here are some great ideas for easy Easter baskets for teens-
For the writer-Many teens develop an interest in writing at this stage of life.  If your teen likes to write they will love this Easter basket:
  • A journal
  • Small notepads
  • An assortment of pens and pencils
  • A dictionary or thesaurus
  • A biography of a famous writer
For the music lover-If it is all about the music for your teen then this Easter basket will be perfect for them:
  • An assortment of new CD’s
  • A gift card to download music
  • Accessories to go with their music player
  • An organizer for their CD’s
  • Sheet music if they play an instrument
  • A gift card to their favorite music store
For the reader-If your teen loves nothing more then keeping their nose in a book then this Easter basket is for them:
  • Small book light
  • Bookmarks, and bookends
  • A couple of books that you think your teen would like. If you think they would enjoy a book that has been made into a movie, you can purchase both the book and the movie.
  • A gift card to their favorite book store
For the movie lover-Teens love movies so this Easter basket will be a big hit!
  • Gift certificates to the local movie theater and movie rental store
  • Popcorn and their favorite movie candy
  • Flavors to shake onto popcorn
  • A popcorn bowl makes a great basket for this gift!
For the teenage girl-Any girl would love this Easter basket filled with girly delights.  A makeup bag would work well for this Easter basket:
  • Start with the makeup basics such as lipstick, lip-gloss, bronzer, blush, foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara
  • Make up brushes and sponges
  • Eye lash curler
  • Facial masks
  • Gift certificate for a day at the spa
For the teen driver-Most teens cannot wait to get behind the wheel of a car.  This Easter basket will delight them:
  • Air fresheners
  • Visor CD holders
  • Car cleaning supplies, and decorative items
  • Gift certificate for gas,  car washes or their favorite fast food places
For the student athlete-There are so many things that you can include in an Easter basket for your athlete!  They would be delighted to find:
  • Small exercise equipment such as weights, wrist weights, jump ropes, pedometers, yoga mats, or anything else they could use if they regularly work out.
  • New football, basketball, baseball or soccer equipment
  • Throw in some athletic socks or other items that they can wear while doing their favorite sport
  • Sports cards featuring their favorite are also a great add on to the Easter basket.

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