Fun and Easy Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

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Spring is a fun time of year that offers an opportunity for people to celebrate the longer days, new life, warmer weather and Easter, too. People celebrate spring as well as religious themes involving Christ’s resurrection during the Easter season. Here are some fun and easy ideas for Easter bulletin boards.

People associate Easter with celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the renewal of life. The resurrection and renewal are especially important to many people because Easter is the biggest celebration in the Christian calendar and Passover is important among the Judaic high holidays. Use the twin themes of resurrection and renewal as a way to integrate religious beliefs into a bulletin board to further your students’ understanding of the importance of the Christian theme. Making a successful bulletin board involves student participation; have students share their feelings about Christ and the resurrection by putting those thoughts on the board along with a large picture or depiction of Christ and the resurrection.

Another very popular Easter theme is the Easter bunny because he brings treats to kids and adults alike. Make a large bunny the center of attention by putting it in the center of the bulletin board. Don’t forget to give the bunny big floppy ears and a big belly. Make a pouch over the stomach and have the children write down their thoughts or favorite things about spring and Easter on circle or other colorful cut outs. Once they’ve done this, have them put those thoughts in the pouch. Make sure give the bunny a fun hue too. You can also make a green grass border with little Easter eggs hidden all over in it along the edges of the bulletin board to give some added detail to the project.

An Easter egg basket goes along with the bunny theme. Cut out a large basket that will go in the center of the bulletin board. The basket should be large so it can hold a lot of eggs that the children will design and decorate. Cut out enough eggs so that each child will have one they can decorate with their favorite parts of spring and the reasons they appreciate the new season. Let them decorate their eggs in any color they want to reflect part of their personality and show what they care about most during the spring.

Create a very large cracked egg in the middle of the bulletin board and have the children’s thoughts and ideas about spring and Easter spilling out of the egg. There are many different ways to include your students on this project. Have them decorate the egg itself. Give each child a few inches along the egg to add a stripe or design. You can also give them a circle or other shape they can use to decorate or write down their ideas about what is important about Easter. This can be especially fun if each child then gets to share what they drew or colored with the rest of the class.

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