Fun Easter Egg Creations for the Whole Family

Who says that Easter eggs have to be boring or that they even have to be Easter eggs?  Using some of these creative and best of all easy projects you can turn your Easter eggs into a colorful cast of characters.  And one of the best things about these projects is that they do not require extensive crafting skills or expensive materials.  You can complete several of these projects in an afternoon working with kids of all ages. So if you are looking to go beyond the usual Easter eggs this year here are some ideas for fun Easter egg creations-
Getting started- First off you will need to decide if you will use hard boiled eggs or empty egg shells. If you are going to want to display the eggs for any length of time you might want to opt for the empty egg shells. This process is very easy to do. You will need to gently poke a small hole in both ends of the egg shell and blow out the egg into a bowl. (You can use the eggs to make scrambled eggs.) Then carefully wash the egg shells and let them dry completely, once they are dry you can begin.
Animal Eggs-For these eggs you will need small googly eyes, ears, mouths and other body parts that can be cut out of construction paper or fun foam. You will also need tacky or craft glue. First you should decide what you want your egg to be. This will determine what color you will dye the egg. For example: if you want it to be a chick first dye it yellow. Then you can glue on a pair of yellow wings, orange feet at the base, a tiny beak and wiggly eyes. You can make any type of animal you want. Other ideas for animal eggs are: cows (dye your egg with black cow spots) horses or dogs (brown eggs work well) pigs (start with a pink dyed egg) or any other animal your imagination comes up with. There is no limit to the farmyard of animals you can create.
Monster Eggs-This idea for is the same as above only let your imagination run really wild Color the eggs green and purple for a totally monstrous effect! You can use pipe cleaners, pom poms and aluminum foil to create your own creature. Be sure to add googly eyes or other crazy add-ons to get the complete monster effect.
Family members and friends-You can even create Easter eggs to showcase the people closest to you!  Cut out snapshot size pictures of only the faces of your loved ones.  Attach them to the egg using double stick tape or craft glue.  You can add crazy hair, earrings or other distinguishing accessories to each one.  If you want to add bodies have your kids decorate cut down paper towel rolls with paper doll style clothes and you can use pipe cleaners for arms and legs.  Attach the bodies to “egg heads” and you have a fun new way to show where everyone is sitting at Easter dinner.
Character Easter eggs-Little kids love their superheroes and teens their superstars.  Why not create Easter eggs to reflect who you child really is in to?  You can find stickers, pictures and other small memorabilia to create superhero or superstar Easter eggs.  Or if there is not someone specific why not create a princess egg (dyed pink with a rhinestone tiara and painted on face) for your little princess or a cowboy egg (small cowboy hat with a suntanned painted on face) for you little cowboy.

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