Fun to Make Easter Egg Creations

Decorating Easter eggs (though lots of fun) does not have to be the extent of your Easter time crafting.  There are lots of Easter egg themed creations that you can make during Easter that let you celebrate the season with flair and style.  Best of all these creations are lots of fun to make for kids of all ages and do not require advanced crafting skills or lots of expensive materials and tools. You can gather your kids around for an afternoon of fun or have an Easter egg themed craft party where everyone can take home their creation. Either way you will be creating lots of springtime memories and fun!  So here is some fun to make Easter egg creations-
Egg Sun catcher-This stylish sun catcher looks great hanging in the window to catch the rays of springtime sun!
What you will need:
  • Wax Paper
  • Old Crayons
  • Newspaper
  • Iron
Instructions for the project:
Cut two egg shapes from wax paper the size you want your sun catcher to be. Lay out a few sheets of newspaper on your work surface. Place one of the egg shapes on the newspaper and turn on your iron to a low setting with no steam. The next few steps require adult supervision.  Using a grater make shavings from old crayons. Sprinkle the crayon shavings that you like on your wax paper egg shape.  You can also make designs with your shavings if you like. Once your shavings are in place carefully set the other egg shape on top of the shavings. Make sure the edges of the eggs match up as well as they possibly can. Gently set a few pieces of newspaper on top of your design. Carefully press the newspaper on top of the egg shapes with your iron. Since all irons are different you will have to experiment with yours to determine the time it takes for this project. The project is complete when all the crayon shavings melt and both egg shapes stick together. Let cool completely and hang in your window!
Easter egg wreath-Wreaths are not just for the fall holidays anymore.  This cheerful wreath can help welcome spring!
What you will need:
  • Cardboard
  • White or colored construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue stick
  • Markers
  • Lanyard/string
  • Suction cup for hanging (optional)
Instructions for the project: Cut an egg shape out of the cardboard that is about 6 inches long. You will then use this as a template to cut out 5 or six eggs from the construction paper. Then have the child draw different shapes and patterns on each paper egg that you can cut out. Carefully cut the shapes out of each paper egg, glue pieces of tissue paper to the back of the eggs to cover the holes. The light will then shine through the tissue paper to give a sun catcher effect. Then you can decorate the other side of your egg (the side with no tissue paper) with markers, or other art supplies. To finish you will then glue the eggs in a circle, fattest end toward the middle, to form a wreath shape. You can then cut a loop of lanyard or string at the top to use for hanging.
Easter egg placemat-Decorate your Easter dinner table with these festive placemats!
What you will need:
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Magazines
  • Clear Contact Paper
Instructions for the project: Cut a large basket shape out of the brown construction paper. Then you can glue your basket shape onto a large piece of white paper (it should be at least 10″ x 14″). This will function as the base for your placemat. Now you can go through your magazine and find pictures of Easter treats and eggs.  If you do not have magazines showcasing Easter items you can print them from online.  Cut the pictures out of the magazines or from your computer and glue them onto the top edge of your basket shape. Another fun idea is to cut egg shapes out of wallpaper samples, wrapping paper, or any other paper with designs on it. Once the glue is completely dried, cover both sides of your new placemat with clear contact paper and it will last for many meals to come!

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