Make Your Own Easter Basket

One way that you can make this Easter holiday a really special experience for you and your kids is to make them a truly gorgeous Easter basket.  If you make Easter baskets just for your kids, then you can really personalize the Easter basket and you can make your child feel really special.  If you follow these directions to create a cute and stunning classic Easter basket, then your child will really treasure this Easter basket for a whole lot more than just the candy that is inside and the eggs that they find during their Easter egg hunt.

Follow these instructions to create a gorgeous and stunning classic children’s Easter egg basket.  It will not take too much work, and the results will be more than worth the few hours that you spend on creating this Easter egg basket.

How to create a classic Esater egg basket
Materials needed to create a classic Easter egg basket
1 straw basket (or you can use any basket, from plastic berry baskets or even paper bags)
White latex primer
Paint (whatever colors you want)
Paintbrush (unless you decide to use spray paint)
Narrow ribbons
Either hot glue gun or floral wire

Instructions for creating a classic Easter egg basket
1.  Paint the basket that you have picked out whatever color you choose.  However, if you are using a brown basket like a brown straw basket, then you need to first spray it with white latex primer or you should brush on the white latex primer so that you can cover up the brown.  Let the white latex primer dry, and then paint the basket with the color that you have chosen.  If you are going to use spray paint, make sure that the work space that you have chosen is well ventilated.

2.  Next, take your narrow ribbons and tie them into bows.  Secure the narrow ribbon bows around the edge of the basket by using a hot glue gun.  Or, you can use small pieces of floral wire to secure the small ribbon bows around the edges of the basket.  You can use this basket as a container all year round, using it to store small toys or crayons or items that your child has collected (such as small rocks or flowers).  You will want to consider choosing the ribbons based on the decor of your child’s room so that it will match the rest of your child’s room’s decorations.

When you fill the Easter basket, instead of using that plasticky green grass that you can buy at the grocery store, recycle all of your old wrapping paper or construction paper or craft paper.  Get out an electric shredder and feed the leftover scraps of paper through the shredder.  You will end up with gorgeous and interesting “grass” to fill your Easter baskets with.  If you want to transform those strips of paper into spirals, either just crumple them up in your hands or curl them with scissors.  In order to keep the curl in the grass, feed the rolled papers short side down through the shredder.  You can purchase convenient and inexpensive table top or desktop shredders at any office supply store, or at any larger store such as Kmart or Wal-mart.

You may also want to have your kids participate in their basket making.  Take them to a fabric or craft store and let them pick the ribbons that they want on their basket.  They will really love the end result!

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