More Tips for Dyeing Easter Eggs

We all know that the Easter season means Easter eggs.  And we all know exactly what Easter eggs mean:  monochromatic, slightly pastel eggs that look exactly like the ones that you dyed fifteen or twenty years ago with the help of your parents, just like you are helping your kids this year.  Why not change things up this year?  These tips will help you create a truly phenomenal Easter egg that will finally break the Easter egg mold.  You don’t have to be an artistic super star in order to create some truly stunning and fun eggs, and your kids don’t have to be an artistic prodigy either.  All you have to do is follow these tips in order to have really stunning eggs that everybody will admire, and that your kids will be happy to show off and hunt for in the yard the next day.

Tips for an Easter egg makeover

How to be creative without being…creative!

You don’t have to be the next Michelangelo or the next Martha Stewart in order to create really cool and really stunning Easter eggs this holiday season.  Instead, you just have to use your imagination and help your kids use their imagination as well.  And imagination needs fuel.  So head out to your local craft store and have some fun in the craft supply bins for twenty minutes.  Grab stickers, feathers, ribbons, sequins, fake gems, glitter, sparkles, rick rack, and anything else that you can find.  Pick up some cool metallic paints that you can use to create designs on your Easter eggs.  Put out all of your egg-cessories on your egg decorating table along with the Easter egg dye, make some glue handy, and let imaginations take over!  You don’t have to create picture-perfect masterpieces; you just have to have a good time to create some really fantastic Easter eggs.

Give your Easter eggs some real personality

You don’t have to settle for Easter eggs that are just, well, eggs.  Instead, you can add a face on to your Easter egg and give your Easter eggs some real personality.  Create a dye by mixing together a little bit of red food coloring and little bit of yellow food coloring to create a great flesh tone color.  Or, if you want a little darker flesh tone color, mix together a little bit of red food coloring, yellow food coloring, and green food coloring.  Then use a little bit of paint to paint on a smile and some other facial features—eyes, a nose, and so on and so forth.  Paint on a bowtie, while you’re at it, and add even more personality!

Don’t limit yourself to just one color!

To create beautiful Easter eggs that have more than one color, add a very waxy crayon to your egg dyeing kit.  In this circumstance, the waxier the crayon, the better.  Draw on the egg with the crayon (use white) before you dye the egg.  Whatever area you draw on will be protected from the dye.  Begin by dipping your egg in a lighter colored dye, and then move to darker colors of dye.  Make sure that you let each layer of dye dry completely before you move on to the next color of dye.  You can draw on the egg in between each color, as well.  After you are done, peel off the wax to reveal a truly stunning Easter egg!

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