Fun Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun ritual that heralds the arrival of spring.  While you can certainly enjoy decorating your Easter eggs using a store bought kit, there are numerous other ways to take your egg decorating up a level. …[Continue]

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Many people want to dye eggs for Easter but they don’t want to use artificial coloring.  Are there options for natural Easter egg dyes? Fortunately, you can use foods and flowers to make your own natural Easter egg dyes; you …[Continue]

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

When most people think of Easter egg dying, they think about buying an Easter egg dying kit or going to the store and buying food coloring. However, there are simple ways to make natural Easter egg dyes out foods, beverages …[Continue]

Easter Recipes for Kids

Kids love to be involved in the holidays, so why not make some fun holiday food that they can help with? These Easter recipes will have them squealing with delight, and will keep their little hands busy for several hours. …[Continue]

Spring Picture Flowers

For this craft you are going to be making a flower shaped frame for your favorite snap shot. This is a paper flower frame, so that it can be used to hang on your refrigerator, or a magnet board, etc. …[Continue]

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Dying Easter eggs is a great Easter activity. However, it’s important to be careful about what you use to dye them. Certain dyes can leave harmful residues or chemicals in your food, making them fun to look at but unsafe …[Continue]

Your Kids Will Love This Inchworm Chain

This is a fun craft for kids to do in celebration of spring. Here’s what you need: Green construction paper Green pipe cleaner Tape Cardboard Wiggle eyes To make this craft you need to cut strips out of green construction …[Continue]

Simple Spring Greeting Cards

Spring crafts are a great way to pass the time on those lovely spring afternoons. It offers you a chance to express your creativity, make something, and enjoy the items you make. You can even use your spring crafts for …[Continue]