Showstopping Decorated Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs with your kids can be great fun but are you tired of making the same old Easter eggs year after year? You can make your Easter eggs creative this year by using some different techniques. Start by asking yourself what would you do if you did not have any Easter egg coloring?  Or maybe you just do not feel like dealing with the Easter egg dye; so what can you use to decorate your Easter eggs to make them special? The good news is that it is not hard, expensive or even complicated to be extra creative in decorating your Easter eggs. All it takes is some patience and some creative thinking. So gather your kids or friends and family around to make some really special and creative Easter eggs this year.  Here are some ways to decorate your Easter eggs-
Recycle your magazines-This is a way to make some really cool and modern looking Easter eggs. Simply gather your old magazines (the ones you have piled to take to recycling) and let the kids begin cutting out.  Small pictures, words and captions whatever strikes their fancy will work well on the eggs.  Then simply apply the magazine cutouts using thinned out craft glue or decoupage glue. While one layer looks great encourage everyone to be really creative by adding several layers.
Use floral pieces-This type of Easter eggs work especially well when decorating for Easter or they can even be great Easter gifts.  Shop the floral aisles of your local craft store for small silk flowers or larger flowers that can be cut down and used on your Easter eggs.  Do not forget greenery as well.  Then you can attach the flowers to a white egg or color your eggs first for a background color that peeks out between the flowers.  Adding one flower to the egg can be elegant or you can simply cover your Easter egg in springtime flowers and garland.
Use yarn and ribbon to tie up your eggs-Yarn and ribbon are one of the most versatile and easiest ways to decorate your Easter eggs. Because of the egg’s small size you can use scraps and leftover pieces to glue onto your egg.  Again you can embellish a white egg or color coordinate ribbon or yarn to match the color of your already dyed eggs.  Double stick tape or craft glue works best when trying to attach ribbon or yarn to the eggs.
Look into your pantry-You can use pieces of pasta or rice to create a mosaic egg.  Smaller pieces of pasta work best.  For the rice you will need to coat your egg with spray adhesive and then gently and carefully roll the egg through the rice.  The pasta can be attached using a drop of glue that is laid carefully onto the egg. Both the rice and the pasta can be painted when the egg is completely dry.
Bejewel your eggs-You can use rhinestones and other small jewels to make keepsake eggs. These types of jewels can be purchased from your local craft store.  You simply use craft glue to carefully apply the jewels where you want them.  An egg completely covered in jewels can be a showstopper!
Sort through the papers in your home-Leftover tissue paper, wallpaper and even craft paper can be used to decorate your Easter eggs.  Simply cut out small pieces and apply them with craft glue.  You can cut out squares and other shapes or carefully cut out patterns that make a lovely design on your Easter eggs. Let your imagination run wild and the results can be very special.

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