Three Spring Flower Crafts Your Kids Will Love

There are a lot of spring crafts out there, and ways you can make your spring more enjoyable. Spring crafts are a great way to get in the mood for the season, and to decorate your home, and give your indoors the feel of spring as well as the outdoors. The following crafts will be great for gifts, home décor, and more:
Paper birds
For this craft you need some cardstock, you need some patterned scrapbook paper, and you need some craft pens or markers. These are fun little birds to put on cards, to put up in your windows to welcome spring, or other places in your home.
The way you make these paper birds is you cut the bird shape out of scrapbook paper, then use a different pattern of scrapbook paper to make a wing. Mount on a piece of paper, and attach to a card, or something else. If you want to make your paper bird even more authentic, you can take a small twig, and glue the wig onto the paper so that it appears the bird is resting on it.
You can use modge podge, to attach your paper bird to wood, or to create a plaque or something else with the spring bird.
Paper Flowers
Once again, this is a craft that is great for a spring greeting card, or just for decorating your home. You can make whatever kind of flower you would like, tulips, daisies, etc.
What you need:
  • Cardstock
  • Craft paper, different colors
  • Green craft paper
  • Buttons
Start by creating your stems, then cut out the various flower shapes. You may want to cut out several of the same flowers, and overlap them to create layers of petals. Use a button to make the flower center. Consider making your beautiful flowers some leaves by crinkling up some green craft paper, and cutting out your leaf shapes.  Attach to a piece of cardstock.
Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Flowers are a big part of spring, and so most spring crafts incorporate crafts in some way. For this craft you will need pipe cleaners in several different colors, with green, pink, white, etc.
Bend the pipe cleaners to shape them like petals. Create a stem, leaves, etc. You can twist the pipe cleaners together to make the various pieces stick together, or you can use glue to get them all together. Make your pipe cleaner flower even more exciting by adding a button center, or by gluing it on to paper with a spring background, etc. There are several ways to make these flowers. You may want to use different colors of pipe cleaner to create yellow, pink, white, baby blue, etc. flowers. Daisies are a great choice of flowers to make, as they will be fairly easy to make, and turn out looking great. Put them up in your home, stick them in a flowerpot with glass marbles, or on a card for a loved one.

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