Easter Bunny Milk Carton

The Easter season is a great time to make crafts for your friends and family.  Easter crafts are crafts that you can do on your own, or that you can do with your kids so that they can make something cute and beautiful to decorate your home.  This particular Easter craft is something that you can make on your own or that your kids can help you with; this particular Easter craft is something that your kids or any kids will love because it is something that they can use on Easter day to carry their own treats and candy around.

Instructions for Easter bunny milk carton container
Materials needed for Easter bunny milk carton container:
1.  1 empty 2 liter milk carton
2.  Either glue or tape
3.  scissors
4.  3 pieces of white printing paper
5.  optional:  one cotton ball for the tail
6.  optional:  two wiggly eyes
7.  markers/crayons/colored pencils/other materials for decorating

Instructions for making the Easter bunny milk carton container
1.  Cut off the top of the milk carton.  You may want to do this step on your own, or let older kids cut off the top of the milk carton yourself.  You can cut off as much of the milk carton as you want; the container can be as high or as shallow as you want.  Either discard the milk carton container or save it for another craft.

2.   Next, cover the milk carton with the white paper that you have.  Either glue it on or tape the paper onto the milk carton.

3.  Now, draw a rabbit face on a piece of paper.  Color in the rabbit face.  Then cut out the rabbit face, making it wider than the carton itself.  Glue the rabbit face onto the milk carton.

4.  If you so desire, glue the wiggly eyes onto the rabbit face rather than drawing on the eyes.  Do whichever you prefer.

5.  Now, cut out a rectangular piece of paper in order to use as a handle.  Glue the rectangular piece onto the carton.  Glue down the edges and fold them so that the handle itself stands away from the carton itself.  If you want to make the handle sturdier, then you can glue the paper to a thin piece of cardboard and then glue the cardboard to the carton.  Or, you can completely forego the paper and just glue the cardboard directly to the carton, if you have a piece of cardboard whose color you think matches your container.

6.  If you desire, then glue a cotton ball on to the back of the carton for a tail for your Easter bunny rabbit carton container.

7.  Now that you have finished the container itself, it is time to fill your Easter bunny container!  Some ideas for filling your Easter bunny carton container is to put some Easter grass into the bottom of it (the plasticky green grass that you can pick up at any grocery store or craft store) and then put some candy on top of that Easter grass.  You can also put some chocolate eggs on top of the Easter grass, or you can put plastic eggs that are full of candy on top of the Easter grass.  This container also works well as a basket that can be used for collecting Easter eggs during your Easter egg hunt.  Kids will especially like to use them if they have made the baskets themselves and personalized them!

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