Easter Bunny Wreath

The Easter season is a fantastic time to make all sorts of great crafts to decorate your house.  Easter crafts also make great Easter presents, particularly for relatives and grandparents.  There are loads of different types of Easter crafts that you can make, either by yourself or with your children.  You can use these Easter crafts to decorate your home or to give away as presents.  Here is a fantastic and fun Easter craft that you can make with your own kids, that you can make with a group of people at a party, or that you can make by yourself to decorate your home or to give away as a present to friends and/or relatives.

Instructions for making an Easter bunny wreath
Materials needed for making an Easter bunny wreath
1.  One ring of cardboard (a good source for this is an empty cereal box)
2.  Construction paper (any color works; I recommend pink and yellow)
3.  Scissors
4.  Elmer’s glue

Instructions for making an Easter bunny wreath
1.  Take one small plate and one large plate.  Trace them onto a piece of old cardboard, with the small plate in the middle and the large plate on the outside in order to form a ring.  Cut out the ring. A good source for this cardboard is old cereal boxes that are cut up or any other old piece of cardboard.  You can go over any folds in the cardboard or any bumps; they won’t make any difference in the end product.

2.  Now, cut a small strip of cardboard from your old cardboard.  Glue this strip of cardboard onto the back of the ring that you have already cut out.  Glue it over any folds in the card board in order to reinforce the cardboard ring.

3.  In the next step, you need to cut a number of strips of construction paper.  These strips of construction paper should measure approximately 1.5 inches wide by 4 inches long.

4.  Now, glue the ends of each strip together in order to form each construction paper strip into a roll.  These rolls are similar to the ones that you use to make paper chains for Christmas or for other decorations.  Let the glue dry before you continue any further with the project.

5.  Now, glue the rolls of your construction paper onto the wreath.  You can make a pattern with the colors, you can make the entire thing just one color, or you can arrange the colors into any sort of pattern or desire that you want to.

6.  Finally, you can cut out any sort of bunny shape or picture that you want.  You can find lots of these on the Internet, or you can just draw your own.  Cut out the picture, and color it in. Cut the head, the tail, and the paws out separately.

7.  Finally, glue the head on to the top of the wreath.  Glue the paws onto the side of the wreath or on top of the wreath so that it looks like the rabbit is peering up over it.  Then glue the tail on to the bottom of the wreath.  Also glue the body onto the back of the wreath.  Arrange it so that the rabbit looks like it is peering out over the wreath.

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