Egg Carton Easter Bunner Container

The Easter holiday season is a fantastic time for you to make crafts either by yourself or with your kids.  This particular Easter craft is incredibly easy to make, is absolutely fun to do, and is something that any kid will love.  This craft is great for kids from little to big, and it’s not too hard for little kids to make as long as they have a little bit of help.  This particular Easter Bunny Egg Container is a great craft for your kids to make that they can them use to carry either the Easter eggs that they find on the big day, or that you can put candy in to surprise them when they wake up in the morning!

Instructions for making an Egg Carton Easter Bunny Container

Materials needed for each egg carton container:
1.  The bottom part of an egg carton
2. Easter grass (that green plasticky stuff)
3.  One cotton ball
4.  Plain white paper
5.  Scissors
6.  A stapler
7.  3 pom poms (optional)
8.  A pair of wiggly eyes (optional)
9.  A pipe cleaner (optional)
10.  Markers, crayons, glitter, other decorating stuff (optional)

Instructions for making Egg Carton Containers
1.  Draw an Easter Bunny head on to a piece of paper.  If you are not confident in your drawing abilities, then you can easily find a picture online that you can then trace onto the paper.  If you want your kids to be able to draw the head themselves, then a great idea is to trace the pattern on to a piece of plastic (like the lid of an ice cream container) or on a piece of stiff construction paper so that your kids can then trace around the template and they can draw their own rabbit heads.  Then let them decorate their rabbit heads in any way that they want, and let them draw the heads on any color of paper that they want.

2.  Cut out the rabbit head shape.  This is another step that you can let your kids do, if the rabbit head that you have chosen is simple enough.

3.  Now, if your kids haven’t drawn on the eyes and the nose, you can easily glue the wiggly eyes onto the rabbit head.  Then glue on a nose out of the pom poms.  Also, then cut out two small teeth out of white paper, and glue those onto the head.  Or you can just have your kids draw on teeth and the rest of it.

4.  Now take a cotton ball and pull it apart.  Glue the cotton into the middle of each of the ears so that you can end up with fuzzy ears.
5.  Now staple the rabbit head onto the front of your egg carton.  Don’t worry a bit if the head tilts forward.  It’s a bit heavy, and it’s entirely normal.

6.  Now you are going to create a handle for your egg carton container.  Poke two small holes in your egg carton—one on either side.  They need to be directly across from each other.  Then thread the pipecleaner through the holes.  Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together so that you can then have a handle for your egg carton container.

7.  Now fill the egg cups with your Easter grass.

8.  Finally, put jelly beans or other candy in your Egg carton container.  And you are done!  Congratulations!

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