Egg Carton Lamb

The Easter season is a fantastic time to make all kinds of crafts, no matter what your age is or what your personal style is.  Easter time is a perfect opportunity for grownups to make great and cute crafts to decorate their home.  Easter time is also a great time for kids to make crafts.  However, the problem with a lot of Easter crafts—like crafts for any holiday at all—is that while there are tons of great crafts for kids who are maybe age six or older, there aren’t a lot of appropriate crafts for really little kids.  However, this particular craft—a cute and fuzzy lamb made from an egg carton—is perfect for little kids to make.  Even the very young kids can make these cute and adorable egg carton lambs without any trouble at all!  Here are the instructions.  These little lambs look absolutely adorable all grouped together on a table or grouped around another cute Easter craft.

Instructions for making an egg carton lamb for Easter

Materials needed for egg carton lambs:
1.  glue (just Elmer’s glue)
2.  scissors
3.  cotton balls
4.  black construction paper
5.  styrofoam egg carton

Instructions for making an egg carton lamb

1.  The first step for making an egg carton lamb begins with the black construction paper.  Fold a small piece of black construction paper in half and cut out ear shapes.  These shapes are essentially nothing more than a U.  The folded black paper will give you two ears that are exactly the same.

2.  For the second step in making the egg carton lambs, you just need to cut one of the cups from the styrofoam egg carton.  If you are making these egg carton lambs with little kids, then you will want to do this step for the kids.  In order to speed things up, you can do this part before you sit down to do the crafts with the kids.  Then you can have all of the egg carton cups ready beforehand, which is always a bonus if you are doing a craft with a large group of small kids.  We all know that little kids hate to wait around for something to get done!

3.  For the third step in making egg carton lambs, all that has to be done is to glue the cotton balls onto the egg cup.  Obviously, the egg cup does have to be upside down for this step!  You can glue on as many cotton balls as you want to make the egg carton lamb as fuzzy as you want it to be.

4.  For the fourth step in making egg carton lambs, just glue the little black construction paper ears onto the egg carton lamb.  You will want to wait for the glue to dry on the carton balls before you do this particular step.  Then you will want to wait for the ears to dry before you do anything else with the egg carton lambs.
5.  If you really want, you can also cut out a little black triangle nose to glue on the lamb.  You can also glue on two little wobbly eyes, the kind that you can get at any craft store or even at some supermarkets.  However, these steps may be a little too intricate for little kids, so save them for the slightly older ones.

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