Handprint Lamb Easter Craft

The Easter season is one of the perfect times to really let your inner crafter out.  The Easter season is also the perfect season to help your kids let their inner crafter out as well!  There are all sorts of different crafts that you can make to celebrate the Easter season, and this particular time of year is a great time of year to let your kids get in on the decorating game.  This handprint lamb is perfect for both really little kids and slightly older kids, and is a perfect craft for large groups of kids because you don’t have to worry too much about problems with scissors and tricky little parts that have to be glued on to the craft.  So follow these simple directions for an easy and fun Easter time craft.

Handprint Easter Lamb
Materials needed for Handprint Easter Lamb
1.  Either black or grey construction paper
2.  Elmer’s glue
3.  Either a white pencil, a white crayon, or a silver marker
4.  Cotton balls
5.  Optional:  scissors
6.  Optional:  a pair of wiggly craft eyes

Instructions for making handprint Easter lambs
1.  Place your hand (or your child’s hand) on the either black or the grey construction paper.  Make sure that your fingers are slightly spread out with your thumb as far out as it possibly can be.  Your fingers are going to be the legs, and your thumb is going to be the head.
2.  Next, trace around your hand on the paper.
3.  This step is optional.  You can either cut out your handprint, or you can leave it on the paper.  The latter option might be better for younger kids if you don’t want them to use scissors and there is a large group of kids so that you will not have time to cut out all of their lamb handprints.
4.  The next step is to glue cotton balls all over the handprint.  However, you do need to make sure that you leave the tips of the fingers as well as the tip of the thumb free of cotton balls.  Unless, of course, you would prefer that your lamb have wool all the way down to the bottom of his hooves!
5.  The next step to make a handprint lamb is to either draw eyes on the lamb with the white crayon or pencil or the silver marker.  Or, if you prefer, you can glue little wiggly eyes on the lamb instead.  Finally, draw a nice little smile on the lamb.  You can add any other decorations that you want, but really, your lamb handprint is done and is good to go!  This particular craft is so easy to make that you can have an entire herd of lambs in no time at all!

For some variation on your handprint lambs, consider some of the following options:
—  add glitter to the lamb, either by applying it to the cotton balls themselves or by applying a healthy dose of glitter to the construction paper before you add the cotton balls.
—  find different colors of cotton balls so that you can have lambs of all different colors.  Have a supply of a number of different colored cotton balls available so that the kids can design their own lamb and customize it just the way that they want.
— experiment with different colors of construction paper.

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