Easter Crafts In Thirty Minutes or Less

Easter crafts are a great way to make decorations for your home or gifts for your friends. However, even if you are short on time, there are still several Easter crafts you can make in very little time. The following are Easter crafts you can do in less than thirty minutes.

Hatching Easter Chick

This cute little Easter chick is made from real eggs and is a fun craft to display on a table or windowsill.


•           2 yellow cotton balls or 2 yellow pom-poms for each egg

•           ½ of a clean egg shell or a cup from an egg carton

•           Black construction paper

•           Orange construction paper

•           Scissors

•           Hole punch

•           Craft glue

•           Easter grass

•           Googely craft eyes


1. Glue one cotton ball or pom pom into the bottom of the egg shell. Glue the other cotton ball on top for the head. Ensure they are secure by holding the two balls together for about a minute.

2. Glue the eyes on to the chick or make your own, using a hole punch to cut out two black circles from construction paper.

3. Make the chick’s beak by cutting a small square from orange construction paper. Fold the square in half to form a triangle and glue this onto the pom pom or cotton ball under the eyes, to make the beak.

4. Next, add a little Easter grass to your egg shell or carton cup to make a nest for the chick.

Party Carrots

These “carrots” hold utensils. Display them in a big basket on the table for each guest.


  • Orange paper napkins, dinner size
  • Green plastic utensils
  • Green pipe cleaners


  1. For each carrot, fold a paper napkin into a rectangle. Place a set of utensils across the lower left corner of the rectangle, then fold in the lower right corner. Roll it up loosely.
  2. Wrap one or two green pipe cleaners around the napkin and the necks of the utensils, twisting the pipe cleaners to secure the utensils inside.
  3. Trim the pipe cleaners so they look like leafy carrot tops.
  4. Display in a basket or place at each setting.

Spring Peeps

You can use this easy craft as a place setting or Easter greeting card.


  • Green card stock , 6×9 inches
  • Orange card stock
  • Glue
  • Small yellow pom-poms, 3/4 inch and ½ inch
  • Black craft seed for eyes


  1. Make a fold about 3 ½ inches from one short end of a 6- by 9-inch piece of green card stock. Fold the paper again, in the opposite direction, about 2 inches from the other end.
  2. Trim the shorter flap with scissors to resemble grass.
  3. Write a greeting or the sentiment of your choice across the top of the card. This can be something like “Happy Spring,” “Happy Easter,” or a guest’s name if you are using them as place cards.
  4. Next, make the baby chicks by gluing ¾-inch yellow pom-poms for the bodies and ½-inch pom-poms for the heads. Glue on black seed bead eyes and beaks cut from a piece of folded orange card stock.

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